Blueberry Nappies

Blueberry Nappies and Covers

Blueberry nappies (or cloth diapers if you are from America), originally called Swaddlebee nappies (or diapers!), are one of the best known nappy brands worldwide. The capri wrap is one of the best nappy wraps (or diaper covers) on the market - it's bombproof and comes in a wide array of funky prints!

Blueberry Nappies are ethically made from fabrics that are safe for babies skin. All the nappies and wraps are made in the US and as far as possible they use fabrics made in the US as well so they know no contaminants have been used.

Blueberry Cloth Diapers

Cloth nappies fall into two main systems, the all in one nappy types (AIO) and the two-piece nappy system, where you need an inner absorbent nappy and an outer waterproof wrap (diaper covers). Think back to the old-fashioned terry nappy and the plastic pants! Well, the blueberry capri are the modern day equivalent of the plastic wrap. It goes on over the cloth nappy, and works best over a "fitted" nappy, like the Little Lamb Bamboo nappy. If you have a pad nappy system and want to use Blueberry, we recommend the Blueberry Capri nappy covers.

It is really easy to look after you blueberry real nappies and nappy wraps, just machine wash at 40 then either tumble dry very low or just air dry (they air dry really quickly). The fabric they are made from is a waterproof polyester fabric which is laminated with PUL. They used to come in snaps or hook and loop closure options, but now you just come in snap closure. They are one size, with a set of poppers on the front to pop down to your babies size.

To use, just put the real nappy on your baby, then put the coverall over the nappy. The coverall is the waterproof fabric that keeps the wet on the bamboo / cotton nappy inside. They can be used for 2-3 nappy changes depending on how soiled they are, just change the inner nappy and use these again over a fresh nappy.

If you are thinking of using cloth nappies, and do not know where to start, then pop us over an email with your details and background and one of our trained cloth nappy advisors will help get a tailored nappy system to suit you and your family. At Baba Me, we have been selling cloth nappies and nappy covers for over 15 years, we are the oldest independent cloth nappy shop still in original hands - over the years we have helped thousands of parents find the right system for them, and saved hundreds of thousands of disposable nappies from going to landfill - we really know our nappies! The blueberry deluxe is their deluxe pocket diapers whilst the blueberry simplex uses simplex organic cotton and is an all in one nappy. The blueberry deluxe comes with pocket inserts to stuff it with. The newborn simplex again uses organic cotton for newborns, so if you are hoping to use cloth from birth, then the newborn simplex is a great option. They also offer an award winning range of potty training options and swim nappies. If you need nappy advice, just fill in the form for help!.

Why we love Blueberry Nappies

  • Bombproof

  • Funky colourful prints

  • Eco-friendly

  • Zero waste

  • Saves money

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