How to body brush

Body brush your way to buff!

Now that you've got your Natural and Organic Skin care products here at Baba Me, its time to have a look for your accessories. Did you know that dry body brushing is good for blood circulation and can help to reduce cellulite or at least lessen the appearance of cellulite?

Dry skin brushing has been used for many years to stimulate the lymph nodes, helping to remove toxins from your entire body.

Banish the bumps!

We like to use a natural bristle brush of course and we have just the one for you.
The Eco Bath London Natural Sisal Body brush is perfect for brushing your way to smoother skin.
The brush has a long handle for reaching the awkward to get to body parts. The soft bristle brush head can be removed and used without the handle if you prefer. You can use this brush on sensitive skin and it can be used wet in the bath as a bath brush. The bristles are softer when wet and you might prefer to wet brush on your sensitive skin.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and it's important to take care of it.
Skin cells accumulate and using a bristle body brush will give exfoliation to remove those cells. By encouraging lymphatic drainage and stimulating blood circulation, you are improving oxygen to cells that may have been sluggish before.

How to body brush

Using a circular motion, move the brush head around your entire body and always sweep away from your heart. You want to improve your blood flow and sweep from the lymph glands in the direction of the lymph flow.
You can take a few minutes a few times a week, to give your thighs or arms a quick run over with your body brush or perhaps once a week, dedicate a few minutes longer and brush from top to toe.

What if I don't like a Body Brush?

Some people choose to use exfoliating bath gloves.
You can use them to exfoliate your skin dry or as a wet exfoliation.
Slip them onto your hands before getting into the shower, dampen them with the warm water, add your soap or shower gel and you are good to go.
Body exfoliation can prevent ingrown hairs so use your exfoliating gloves to scrub your body anywhere that you would remove hair. Legs and armpits can be prone to ingrown hairs and it's the dead skin cells that cause this to happen.
We have several exfoliating gloves and mitts to choose from. They are suitable for all skin types and are machine washable.
They are quick drying, just hang them up and they will be dry in no time.

You may be using a cleansing balm and need something to use to remove the cleansing oil.
We have a fab set of 100% cotton Muslin cloths from Balm Balm. These Muslin wash cloths are gentle on the skin. They will help to remove dirt and grime but will also exfoliate the skin as you wash your face.
They are a great alternative to a traditional flannel or face cloth. MOA brings you a bamboo cloth in a hemp bag. Another natural cloth for removing makeup or washing your face. These cloths are great for use by the whole family and they are machine washable. Konjac sponges are fabulous for a daily exfoliation whilst cleansing. Have a look at our range. There is a different sponge for each skin type. The konjac is a plant fibre and it seems that they are being written about by beauty bloggers everywhere. We stock not only the facial sponges but also the larger body ones.

Our Skin Care accessories are all natural and ethically made. We also have a super range of makeup brushes and makeup bags. Make sure to check out all of our Health and Beauty items.


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