We believe you shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to the products you use on your family's skin.

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Luxury Bath Bundle
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Bath bundle
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Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil
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To Mummy
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Pamper kit for Feet
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Pamper Bundle
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Eco by Sonya Cacao Firming Mousse
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Eco by Sonya Invisible tan
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Bathing Beauty Sock Foot Salve
Shower gift bundle
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Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Facial Oil UnScented
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Giant Bath Bomb Mystery Box
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Janni Bars Lotion Bar
LHS Organic Camelia Oil
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Little Treats- Shower Gift
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Agnes & Cat Himalayan Bath Salts
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Janni Bars Magic Sand
Little Treats- Kids Bath time
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Himalayan Bath Salt Blend 500g
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Long Handle Body Brush
Janni Bars Mini Bar 5-in-1 Set
Nature Scrunchy - Rami 35gm
Greenman Soap
Giant Bath Bomb
Floral Fizz
Natural Loofah Body Scrubs - Glove
Natural Volcanic Foot Stone
Mini Foot Shaped Brush

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Personal Care Products

That's why we've chosen a fantastic range of 100% natural bath and bodycare products that are safe, effective and 100% natural.

Whether you have dry skin, suffer from eczema or just want to replenish your skin's natural moisture after a shower we have the perfect body moisturiser for you. Choose from a rich natural body butter, instantly absorbed organic body lotion d some or one of nature's very finest oils. All ethically and sustainably made.

Step into the world of body lotions and body butters formulated from all natural and organic ingredients.

Boost your skincare regime with tempting body oils full of active ingredients, essential oils that lift your mind and spirit and say goodbye to dull dry skin. Your body deserves the same care and attention as your face. We know that you donít have hours to spend each day primping and preening so we have chosen products that can be used quickly without compromising on the results.

As a bonus, the products we have chosen will not harm the environment or pollute our oceans and will help you to contribute to an all round cleaner and healthier planet.

Its easy to forget to moisturise skin on your body, especially when you need to get dressed and out of the house in time for work or the school run. If you could use a moisturiser or body lotion that absorbs quickly and didn't leave a greasy trace on your clothes, would you choose to use it?

Your skin is the body's largest living organ. It has to work hard to keep all of your organs and capillary networks in place, it has to keep infection out. Its required to work hard every second of every day and yet we tend to neglect it.

Feeding and nourishing your skin is important for good health. Well hydrated skin is healthy skin and keeping your skin in good condition helps it do its job properly.

Natural body lotion suits all skin types. There are different formulations with varying ingredients for particular issues that you might want to address but organic body lotion work for everyone.

If you do suffer from dry skin, then you might want to use a body cream or body butter.

The rich texture of Cocoa butter or Shea butter is luxurious in a body moisturizer. The natural oils in the butters offer intense hydration and leave the skin looking silky soft.

It's comforting to apply a good body cream to parched skin.

Soap can be terribly drying on your body and we recommend using natural soap and body wash. There are plenty to choose from at Baba Me and they will complement your natural skin care products.

If you have sensitive or eczema prone skin then you might want to choose a nourishing light lotion with lavender, Aloe Vera and other soothing botanicals.

Keep your skin comfortable all day long by applying your organic body lotion before dressing for the day. Healing lavender and Vitamin E will soothe your skin and reduce the itch that can often accompany sensitive skin. Coconut oil is light yet hydrating and is in many of our organic body lotions.

Always take care to use a moisturising body lotion after hair removal. We stock organic shave oil to help prevent razor burn when shaving body hair. Your skin will benefit from the essential oils and hydrating properties of a shave oil.

Using the right care lotion after waxing will reduce ingrown hairs. Lotion with tea tree oil or geranium will have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

We even stock a hair minimising lotion to reduce hair regrowth!

There is a natural and organic moisturising solution for everyone here at Baba Me

Discover the power of natural body oils for when your skin needs an extra boost or you need to release tension from the body and mind. Whether you need an awakening boost in the morning or total body relaxation before bed we have a great range of oils for every skin type and mood.

Body oils and Serums

When your skin needs that extra Zhuzh or boost, you can always trust the addition of a serum or body oil to do the trick. A serum is a useful tool for delivering hydration and treatments into the lower levels of the skin. Due to the size of the molecules in a serum, they can get active ingredients to where they are needed most. Often, an active ingredient can be shrunk or dehydrated to allow the serum to carry it to the deeper levels in the dermis.

Skin on the epidermis (the upper layer of skin) is nourished by diffusion from the dermis layers below. This is why sending active ingredients to the dermis is more beneficial to your body. A serum can target the exact spot where cells are regenerated and renewed. Face serums are used to even skin tone, diminish fine lines and wrinkles and to help target dark spots and sensitive skin.

Serums and oils for the body will target cellulite, soften stretch marks and help to even skin tone.

Beneficial Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid is very beneficial in a serum. The skin naturally makes hyaluronic acid so it readily accepts extra.
The serum will be rapidly absorbed into the skin leaving no trace.
Hyaluronic acid serum works to increase elasticity in the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production.
Collagen and elastin are the support structures in your skin and as we get older, production of both slows down.
Imagine a pair of tights fresh from the packet. They are structured and hold their shape. Now think of those same tights after being worn for a day, they are baggy and saggy and need washed to bring the fibres back into shape. Your skin is the same once collagen and elastin production slows down.

Hyaluronic acid works well on fine lines and wrinkles and will also work to reduce stretch mark scarring. You will often see hyaluronic acid in facial serums

Use of a face oil will boost your moisturiser and give you a treatment if used overnight.

Tamanu oil is anti inflammatory, antioxidant and anti bacterial oil.
Suitable for all skin types, this little known oil has potent healing properties and is excellent for the growth of new tissue, accelerates wound healing & stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells. Perfect for use as a facial oil on acne-prone or scarred skin.
It is rising in popularity and its benefits become more widely known.

Jojoba oil and Evening Primrose oil are both known for their moisture retaining properties. They are commonly used in moisturizers and hair products. Because of their deeply nourishing properties, they leave skin feeling intensely hydrated and looking great.

If you are having problems with oily skin or combination skin, you could benefit from geranium essential oil. Geranium oil will reduce the production of oil from your oil glands.
When applied, it will absorb quickly. You only need 2 or 3 drops warmed gently between your finger tips and pat into your skin where you feel you need the treatment.

Marula oil is also becoming more popular in skin care due to its antioxidant properties. It is known as "Africa's beauty secret" and revered as an elixir of youth.

Marula oil is full of essential fatty acids that have anti aging properties for your skin.
It helps to fight free radicals that damage your skin and will replenish the natural oils in dry skin.

We stock all of the oils at Baba Me because we know that you want the best natural treatments for your skin and you want to see results quickly.

Massage and body oils

oils are perfect for massage. You can dilute essential oils into a carrier oil to make massage oil.
Olive oil is often used as a carrier oil.
Choose an oil to enhance your mood. Bergamot, citrus and peppers to lift your mood and refresh you or if you want to wind down, Lavender and patchouli will do the trick and will also aid sleep if your massage is before bed.

A good massage can increase blood circulation and help drain toxins from your body. You can use essential oils to detox in the bath. Lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit and ginger are all essential oils with detoxifying properties. Make sure to use at the correct dilution of essential oil to carrier oils.

All of our oils and serums are suitable for use on the whole family. From newborns right through to the elderly.

Just ensure you use the correct dilution when making up oils, or choose one of our ready blended oils to save you the time and trouble.

Do you use a body scrub? Do you know how useful an exfoliating body scrub can be?

Beneficial to health as well as your body you can reduce the appearance of cellulite and orange peel skin by incorporating a natural body scrub into your bath routine. Whilst at the same time you can improve your health by stimulating circulation and blood flow.

Dry body brushing is a great way to exfoliate your body, removing dead skin cells and boosting blood circulation.

We love the natural sisal body brush from Eco Bath London. The brush has a super long handle enabling you to get to those parts where your arms won't reach. The handle is sturdy and made from FSC certified beech wood. Sisal is a natural plant fibre and the bristles are suitable to be used in the bath or as a dry body brush.

There is a handy strap on the detachable brush head, slip your hand through the strap to keep it secure as you brush.

When body brushing, to get the best results, brush upwards from your feet towards your heart, and on the upper body, brush down to get that lymphatic fluid moving. Sluggish lymphatic glands can cause water retention and dry body brushing will aid the removal of excess fluid.

Your dry skin cells will be removed leaving your skin perfectly prepped for any body treatments or lotions you wish to use after.

There are many different methods of body exfoliating. Exfoliating body gloves are very easy to use in the bath or shower. Add a natural body wash to the damp glove and you will exfoliate as you wash. Massage stubborn areas of dry skin in a circular motion and you will see and feel results quickly.

Exfoliating body gloves will dry quickly and are great for travelling and don't take up space in your bathroom. Check out our Eco by Sonya exfoliating glove. The thick band of elastic around the top will keep your glove on securely as you scrub your body. It works very well to remove self-tan or to prep your body for a fresh application of self-tan. It is gentle enough to use on your face for a gentle face scrub.

Eco Bath London also have some great exfoliating gloves and puffs, all natural and in minimal recyclable packaging. Body gloves and mitts are suitable for sensitive skins.

Many of us have made home exfoliating treatments, from sugar scrubs using brown sugar and oils to sea salt mixed with coconut or olive oil. It can be messy making your own body scrub though and we have some really great ready-made ones available.

Imagine a scrub made from coffee grounds. Wild Olive has the Cafe Spa range of coffee scrubs. Caffeine is known to stimulate blood flow and coffee beans are full of caffeine. Blended with essential oils, salts, sugars and fruit powders, these are a perfect blend to get your body glowing. You won't smell like a latte, so don't worry about that! These make a great gift item and our customers love them. They are a budget friendly treat and give a great result on the first use.

Salt scrubs are always popular. Himalayan Pink Salt is known for its benefits to skin and your body. Eco by Sonya Himalayan salt scrub is a double award winning body exfoliant. The pink salt is blended with deeply nourishing Coconut oil and Shea butter. Free from synthetic ingredients and Vegan friendly, this robust scrub ticks all of the boxes.

A top tip for use is to warm the tube on the radiator prior to your bath or shower. The butter base needs to emulsify a little to get the product out of the tube. It is luxurious to use.

It can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce areas of pigmentation. The himalayan salt is gentle for use on stretch marks and exfoliating aids cell renewal helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Cult brand REN brings a magnesium and atlantic kelp body scrub. You can apply this scrub to your body before sinking into a warm bath and luxuriating in the scent of RENS blend of anti-fatigue essential oils. Their Moroccan Rose blend sugar body polish is divine too.

If you are planning to self tan, then using a skin smoothing exfoliator or body scrub will prepare your skin. Self tan can sit in pores and on areas of dry and flaky skin so it's important to use a body exfoliator prior to application. Make sure to use a facial scrub if you are going to self tan your face. Pay particular attention to the skin around your nose, on your forehead and eyebrows. All of these areas grab the tanning lotion and can lead to a patchy result.

The skin exfoliator will remove rough patches of skin from your knees and ankles. Make sure to scrub the area between your toes on the top of your feet. These particular areas are where most people make their mistakes with self tan. The lotion sticks to the dead skin cells and turns much darker than on the rest of your legs. Massage the exfoliant in a circular motion then rinse off with warm water.

There is an exfoliating treatment suitable for everyone in our store. We don't stock any scrubs with plastic beads as we only work with companies and products that don't harm our environment. As with all of our Health and Beauty products, our body polishing and exfoliating products are cruelty-free.

Luxury body wash and shower gel with botanical extracts to leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Packed full of natural ingredients that work with your skin and are kind to the planet.

If you are prone to dry skin or sensitive skin, it could be the shower gel products that you are using. Many shower gel brands use cheap ingredients that can be very harsh on your skin. A popular chemical used is sodium lauryl sulphate. This is an ingredient that will give a rich lather, it's a foaming agent but it is also used as an industrial degreasing agent.

Give your body a break from those chemicals and you won't look back. Natural shower gel and body wash products contain essential oils, natural ingredients and scent that actually care for your skin as you wash. Gentle enough to be used as a family body wash or bubble bath, most of our organic and natural shower gels can be used on all skin types and for all skin ages. We have body wash products that will suit a shower or bath, and you could even use them as a hand soap if you wish.

We are passionate about sodium lauryl sulfate free products and stock many SLS free organic shower gels. Just browse the site to see our organic body wash products and we are confident that you will just love the products that we have for you. Organic Aloe Vera is just one ingredient in our shower products that is known for its soothing properties. One of our favourite natural shower gel products is the Magnesium and Atlantic Kelp by cult brand REN. The magnesium in this natural body wash will help with restless legs whilst the Atlantic kelp will give your skin a nourishing boost of nutrients as you wash. Use a cap full of this in the bath for a relaxing and soothing soak.

Greenfrog uses essential oils of neroli and rose, geranium and peppermint in their natural body wash. A delicious natural fragrance to scent your skin while the rich lather cleanses your skin.

If you haven't made the switch, do it now! We are confident that you won't regret it.

Treat your skin with respect and you will see and feel the benefits of the best natural ingredients.