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Shop our range of adorable boy dolls that come in various sizes and skin tones. They feature sparkly embroidered eyes, expressive faces and soft doll bodies. The Rubens Barn original boy doll has an anatomically correct bodies while the Ecobuds dolls are made from organic cotton, making them eco-friendly. These dolls are packaged with beautifully designed outfits so that your child can play dress up with them. Roleplaying is essential to children's early development. It expands their creativity and stimulates their imagination. With playing make-believe, kids are able to see things from different perspectives. With our boy doll and roleplaying, your little ones can gain an understanding of the world.

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Rubens Cutie Charlie Activity
£40.90  (2)
Rubens Cutie Adam Activity
Rubens Cutie  - Adam
£35.89  (2)
Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds - Basil
£22.95  (2)
Rubens Baby  - Max 4 piece
£64.90  (16)
Rubens Baby -  Erik 4 piece
£64.90  (27)
Rubens Barn Original Harry
Rubens Kids Tim
Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds - Elm
£22.95  (3)
Rubens Kids Jonathan
Rubens Kids Oliver
£44.89  (1)
Rubens Barn Little Rubens Emil
Rubens Cutie  - Charlie
£35.90  (10)
Rubens Baby  - Nils 4 piece
£64.90  (1)
Rubens Barn Original Emil
Bigjigs Jack Small Doll

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Baba Me