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Clothes for Boy Dolls

Not all boys enjoy playing with dolls but there are plenty of boys that do really enjoy doll play. If you watch children at a toddler group you’ll just as often see the little boys pushing around the doll prams, and they are just as capable of love and empathy toward their dolls. However, we are still at a point in time where boy dolls and boy dolls clothes are much harder to find than girls.

We chose Rubens Barn for many reasons, not least the fact that they make a superb range of dolls that includes boy and girl dolls in pretty much equal numbers and with different skin tones.

And it’s not just boys that love to play with boy dolls. Little girls do too!

And just like the dolls range their clothing range has plenty of options for boy dolls as well as plenty of clothing that is just bright and colourful and suitable for either gender as lets face it, even little girls don’t want to dress their dolls in pink dresses all the time. They soon figure out that trousers are just more practical for climbing trees.

The Teddy Bear Overall is completely delicious for boy or girl dolls as it is the bright yellow rainy day outfit. And we love the little back to school outfit for both boys and girls as well.

If you are struggling to find little boy outfits that you like you can also think about buying real baby clothes for your dolls. Charity shops and local selling pages can be a great place to start as well as check your own cupboards for any little outfits that were just a bit too precious to pass on.

If you are buying baby clothes specifically for dolls you want to measure the doll first to make sure they are roughly the right size and length. The Rubens babies, for example, are 45cm which is about newborn clothing size and because they have quite chunky bums for dolls they will often fit in 0-3month clothes as well with a little bit of rolling up the sleeves.

If you’re looking for boy dolls clothes for a special occasion then there are also lots of independent sellers that can make adorable outfits, and even create matching outfits so your little one can match their favourite doll for a special occasion.

Finally why not have a go at making some boys doll clothes. A cape and a superhero mask, for example, can be made quite simply without the need to sew and then your kids can play dress-up with their dolls. Other simple options that are perfect for dress-up would be a knights tabard, a turtle shell (made from cardboard), or even a little dragon tale.

These can also be fun activities for your children to get involved with so you can have a fun time crafting together and you get some boy dolls clothes at the end of it.


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