Bringing Fairy Tales to Life Through Play

Toys for Bringing Fairy Tales to Life

Fairy tales are ubiquitous with childhood. We all remember being told tales of brave heroes and a princess castle, evil witches and fantastical creatures. And these stories are echoed in many modern movies, both for children and adults.

Fairy tales are also important for children, they might not offer huge lessons in reality, but they give form to fears and fantasies and are a great way to fuel the imagination and encourage creativity and imaginative play.

Anything is possible in a fairy tale but they are also very simplistic stories, they feature good battling against evil and yet they are safe, whatever challenges the hero or heroine may face they tend to win out in the end. And they certainly do in the tales we tell our youngest children.

Bringing these tales to life through play can be a great way for children to explore concepts of fear and danger, right and wrong, good and bad, and the importance of being kind and standing up for those in need in a world that is clearly separate from reality. This type of make-believe also offers a platform for their dreams to come to life.

Fairy tales can also be a great way of teaching children lessons in an easy to understand way, they teach us to be cautious of danger that may be disguised as something good, the virtues of asking for help, that everyone is different and just because we don’t fit in doesn’t mean we aren’t beautiful, and even that parents sometimes make mistakes.

Here are some of our favourite toys to help you bring your favourite fairy tales to life.

The Big Jigs Princess Palace

If your little one loves all things princess then a princess castle is a great toy. We love this one as it has everything a fairy tale palace should have including a witch and even a rope ladder leading up to the princesses tower. Perfect for overcoming evil and a heroic rescue.

The Indigo Jamm Princess Polly Carriage

So many fairy tales feature a carriage somewhere in the story and the Princess Poly Carriage by Indigo Jamm is perfect for bringing these stories to life. Of course, Cinderella is the classic but many a princess has ridden off to her happily ever after in a royal carriage.

The Tender Leaf Fairy Tale Story Sack

If you are looking for a great toy to encourage imaginative play that you can take with you on your travels, or just one that doesn’t need a huge amount of self or floor space then the Tender Leaf Fairy Tale Story Sack is a fantastic buy.

You get a carriage, a castle, a princess, a knight, a dragon, a unicorn and a swan, plus of course, the beautiful play may that doubles as a bag.

Dragons, Unicorns and Mermaids

As mythical creatures go dragons, unicorns and mermaids have to be pretty high on the list so having them in your toy box is perfect for encouraging imaginative play and bringing fairy tales to life.

And while you’re at it we think you should add in a wolf or two for good measure, as they seem to crop up pretty often, who cares that they actually exist.

Big Jigs Fantasy Magnets

If you want to encourage storytelling as well as role-play then the Big Jigs Fantasy Magnets are perfect.

This gorgeous set makes a great gift and has all the elements of a good fairy tale including a wizard, potions, mythical creatures, a castle, a looking glass and a froggy prince.


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