Building Blocks for Babies

Building blocks come in many forms and make a great toy for children of all ages. For babies, there are a number of options ranging from soft fabric first blocks to beautifully designed blocks with hidden magnets.

Building blocks might seem like very simple toys but they provide hours of entertainment for babies and toddlers and offer so many opportunities for learning and development. It's a massive challenge for babies to get blocks to stack one on top of the other. The determination required is amazing to witness, and the sense of achievement they get when they manage it is priceless.

The best blocks for babies are small enough for them to pick up themselves but big enough not to be too difficult to stack and certainly too big to be a choking hazard. They don't even need to be blocks in the traditional sense, Grimm's hearts and pebbles are amongst our favourites.

Wooden building blocks are a wonderful toy for all ages. Building with blocks teaches so many skills beginning with hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, and fine motor skills.

blocks are a classic children's toy and you probably had a set yourself as a child. A push along baby walker filled with blocks makes a great toy for babies that are just finding their feet and is perfect for fine and gross motor development.

To start with your little one will probably just grasp at blocks and bang them together. Lots of building blocks designed for babies have other sensory elements to enhance play and engage children before they have figured out stacking and building.

We love the Small Foot little explorers building blocks and the Tender Leaf Toys nursery blocks as they are great for both building and sensory development.

Many of the Grimms wooden toys also make perfect blocks for babies as interesting shapes and vibrant colours inspire so much more than simple tower building. And, as babies love knocking down towers you have built so much more than building their own, you might as well choose blocks that you enjoy and give you a challenge.

Stacking blocks and toys for babies

Stacking or nesting blocks make great blocks for babies. They are great for learning about size comparison and counting as well as building. And little ones will have just as much fun putting them back inside each other as they will when they build the towers.

Djeco makes some gorgeous cardboard block sets with wonderful illustrations that are great for numeracy, literacy, and imagination as well as problem-solving and hand-eye coordination. Or we love the Grimms wooden nesting boxes.

Stacking toys are perfect for little ones as they help them develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Traditional blocks are great for this but there are plenty of other wonderful stacking toys featuring animals, trees or rainbows that are great fun.

And as they get bigger we love the introduction of magnets and other construction sets. Have a look at our building blocks for toddlers for more ideas here.

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