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There is a very long history with BumGenius nappies and Baba Me, we introduced the American cloth nappy brand made by Cotton Babies to Europe in Feb 2006! We have witnessed the huge growth of bumGenius since then. The first bumGenius pocket nappy in Europe was put on our youngest child's bum when he was just 1 day old. That same nappy fit his older 2-year-old brother with no need for a separate large size! This was the first time this was achievable and we knew a revolution in the cloth nappy industry was taking place and was being led by bumGenius!

BumGenius nappies are just about the best cloth nappy on the market, ensuring reliability and ease of use are their core principles. They have a range of options from organic (Elemental) to quick drying stay dry (bum Genius freetime). After changing the cloth nappy market once, they did it again when they introduced their flip nappies, a fantastic two-piece pad type system with a waterproof cover (which we were part of the development process of and even got the honour of naming the nappy!).

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Bumgenius Elemental Joy All-In-One Day Kit
£155.00   £129.95
New Baby Reusable Nappy Gift
£51.00   £43.95
Bumgenius Elemental All-in-One nappies
£23.99  -  £24.95
BumGenius Freetime All In One Nappies
£22.00  -  £23.95
Bumgenius Freetime All in One - Patch
bumGenius Pocket Nappy
Bumgenius Elemental Joy All-In-One
bumGenius Wool Dryer Balls - pack 4
£19.99   £14.99
BumGenius Outing Nappy Wet Bag
Bumgenius Littles Newborn Nappies
Bumgenius Elemental Joy Pocket Nappy
Cotton Babies Insert Sock for Nappies

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Bum Genuis - Choices for Every Stage

It's no surprise to anyone who uses cloth nappies that they have a ton of worldwide patents under their belt, which quite simply make them so reliable and so good. There is also a wide selection to suit every choice, budget and requirement. From the top of the range Elemental AIO (all in one nappy), which has thirsty organic cotton at its core, to the most popular one size pocket nappy which comes with microfiber inserts.

The flip potty trainer pants are good and will last up to 50lbs, suiting many children who really struggle to potty train. They also have newborn nappies, called littles which will suit newborn babies from 5lbs and are real cute!. All of their nappies have snap closures now, having discontinued their hook and loop (velcro) options, as it is not as durable as snaps, and their patented stretchy tabs will ensure they provide the perfect fit on your baby.

The bumGenius Organic Cotton Washable wipes, much more effective and kinder to the skin and the environment than disposable wipes. The bumGenius Elemental nappy, super absorbent with 6 layers of organic cotton, trim on your baby and one size fits from birth to potty. The Freetime is a best seller, it's a very simple cloth nappy to use. No prep, quick drying and very absorbent. They also have a range of real nappy accessories like wet bag which is great for nappies and the smaller ones is great for reusable sanitary wear. They also do a range of liners and inserts and hemp babies nappy boosters, organic mats and reusable sanitary wear!

Not sure which bumGenius is the best bumGenius nappy for you?

Fill out our nappy questionnaire if you would like tailored advice on which nappies would suit your needs. Everyone one of our staff have used cloth nappies and are highly trained and can get a tailored solution for you, we love giving advice and helping families find the best nappy system and nappy kit for them. If you are worried about the extra work involved with using real nappies, modern day machines make the laundry aspect quite easy and you can tumble dry bumGenius. Nappy rash will not increase with real nappy usage, and you can use most nappy rash cream on your nappies as long as they do not contain zinc oxide, and use paper liners to protect the fabric from the cream. When going out and about you can put your soiled nappies in reusable nappy bags. So ditch the disposable diapers now and start building your washable nappy stash!

Why we Love BumGenius nappies and we think you will love bumGenius nappies as well!:

  • Natural Fibres in the elemental range

  • Kind to the environment - no more disposable nappies

  • Easy to use

  • Cost-effective

  • Super reliable! No more leaking nappies.

For your nappy kit, we recommend about 20-25 nappies. The exact number of nappies depends on your choices and your drying conditions. If you choose to go with organic nappies, which take longer to dry, you will need more nappies. If you choose to go with stay dry nappies, which are quick drying, you may need fewer nappies. If your baby is helpful and poos just once a day you will need fewer nappies. If your baby is less helpful and poos every 20 minutes you will need more nappies! 

In your nappy kit, we would also recommend nappy boosters, regardless of which nappy system you go for. We love hemp babies little weeds as reusable nappy boosters, they are very flexible and very absorbent. 8-10 nappy boosters are ideal in a nappy kit.

Also in your nappy kits make sure you have a wet bag for soiled nappies and a free wet bag for out and about. One wet bag is never enough! In the house, you can use a wet bag for storage rather than a bucket. After you have potty trained these products still have a useful life as swim nappies or bags for swimming or even for wet clothing.

Remember we do free nappy demos every Friday in our cloth nappy shop in Newry. (We also do baby carrier demos every Thursday! If you are in Northern Ireland you can avail of the free nappy trial run by the Nappy Library in Armagh, who post out. Several councils pay for nappy trial for you, and also offer cash back when you switch to reusable cloth nappies. These trials are great for newborn babies until they grow into one size nappies better.