Can a Nappy Rash Cream Burn?


Nappy rash is common and there are many reasons why it happens. From birth, a baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive which means external and stress factors like solid nappies, nappy materials, temperature changes, wetness and moisture. Exposure to these factors could cause skin irritation which leads to nappy rash.

Most immediate treatment is available over-the-counter. Rash creams are probably the most common treatment prescribed by doctors to treat nappy rash. They help relieve discomfort and alleviate some of the pain when applied to the affected area. Applying nappy rash treatment at first sight of a rash could potentially help contain it in one area. If left untreated, nappy rash could spread and extend to other areas of the baby’s skin. Usually a rash cream is applied thinly into the affected area but the amount of cream varies depending on the parent as well as what was prescribed by the doctor.

Rash creams contain numerous ingredients to help treat a nappy rash. Among these ingredients are calendula and zinc oxide. These ingredients work together to speed up the healing process, alleviate pain, relieve discomfort and prevent the rash from spreading to surrounding areas. Most rash creams create a barrier when applied. This barrier protects the baby’s skin from moisture and wetness.

You can apply most nappy rash cream into the affected area as directed on their packaging. However, how often you should apply them depends on a lot of things like the condition of the rashes as well as what was recommended by your doctor.

A mild nappy rash usually goes away after 2-3 days. However if it doesn't disappear after 3 days, a nappy rash cream might be prescribed. Most rash creams are at-home remedies and most of the time they are mild and safe to us. They actually help heal the affected skin. In some cases babies experience a burning or stinging sensation when the cream is applied to the rash. And this is completely normal and an indication that the cream is working its way to help whatever is causing the inflammation and irritation. However if the baby still continues to experience burning or stinging sensation or if the rash is not healing despite using a nappy rash cream, contact your doctor immediately. Keep in mind that rash creams and ointments are still considered medicine which means they could cause side effects. Side effects vary from one baby to another but could include swelling, blisters and bacterial infection.


There are many ways to prevent nappy rash from ever developing. Taking babies some time off nappies is one way to prevent nappy rash. If not possible, changing a baby’s nappy once it is soiled or wet is another good way of preventing nappy rash. Never leave your baby wearing soiled nappies for extended periods of time because this could cause skin irritation.

When buying nappies for your baby, make sure they are not tight-fitting. In fact, you should buy larger nappies with enough airflow that would allow your baby’s skin to breathe.

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