Can Bumgenius Flip Be Used as a Night Nappy?

Flip nappies, from Cotton Babies - the makers of bumGenius nappies, are a very versatile hybrid type two piece nappy. Combined with their organic night insert they can be used as a night nappy. You can also use the flip cover over any night time fitted nappy or hybrid booster to make it suitable for night time.

What makes a good night nappy?

Generally a nappy with a high level of absorbency is usually suitable for night time use. In order to last the 8-12 hours needed at night, nappies need to have a lot more absorbency compared to day nappies. With flip nappies you can purchase their organic night time insert, or you can combine their day time inserts to get to the level of absorbency you need.

The flip organic night time insert is a super luxurious Egyptian jersey cotton. It is 6 layers of cotton sewed into a prefold shape. You can just fold the insert along the lines giving you lots of layers of super absorbency. They are super soft but a little bulky, but they will last the night. If you want you can add a stay dry layer on top, to keep the baby feeling dry. The night time inserts do not come with their own stay dry layer.

We’ve recommended these night time inserts for years and our parents have given us great feedback on them. Karen said “I can’t believe how soft and absorbent these inserts are. I’ve gone through tons of boosters for night time and most barely held up, but these were not even soaked in the morning and could have gone on!”

Maria told us that she found these inserts “Bulky but brilliant!, if you love fat bum look love you will love these nappies, but at night time it doesn’t matter, they do the job!”

Like all nappies, when you get additional absorbency you usually lose on drying time, and these inserts are slower to dry than the other flip inserts. Geeta told us “I expected them to take a while to dry but they are not as bad as I thought they would be, love them!”

The flip night time inserts can also be used for daytime use for a heavy wetting toddler or child, if your current day time solution is not working. They can also be used in any nappy cover or even as an insert inside a pocket nappy, you do not have to use them with a flip cover.

If you don’t have the night time insert don’t panic, you can still use flip as a night time nappy. For the organic day time insert, just try putting 2 together. You will have lots of absorbent material and the beauty of the day time insert is that they dry very quickly in comparison to the thicker night one. You can also add a day time organic behind a stay dry insert, the benefit of this is that you will have the benefits of stay dry layers and organic cotton.


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