Can Girls Play With Toy Garages?

Toys that are targeted to a specific gender is becoming a thing of the past. Modern toys are designed with both genders in mind and many parents have become open-minded on how their children play and what they can play with. Many experts suggest that allowing children to choose the toys they want to play can help children reach developmental milestones faster than those who don’t.

Should girls play with toy garages?

So yes, girls can definitely play with toy garages. All children can benefit from playing with these toys. As parents, we want what’s best for our kids and providing them with a risk-free environment to explore new ideas and experience a wide range of emotions can help their cognitive and emotional growth.

While there are still toys that are aimed to a specific gender, there are plenty of options for gender-neutral toys. Toys like toy cars and toy garages were traditionally aimed at little boys but they can be enjoyed by little girls too. Little girls will grow up to become women and women drive cars. Most societies and cultures allow women to drive and own a car. So there’s absolutely no reason for little girls not to play with toy garages.

There’s no study that exists supporting the outdated belief that toys can determine and influence a child’s gender. Most kids discover their own gender identity early in life and many child psychologists agree that the behaviour of adults play a more important role in a child’s gender than toys. While most toys offer open-ended fun and are very flexible in terms of how to play them, these are enough to influence a child’s gender identity.

However, it should be noted that little boys and girls gravitate towards toys made for their genders. For instance, boys are more likely to play with toy guns and toy cars and little girls are more likely to play with dolls and toy kitchens. But that does not make toys male or female.

Children love to role-play which is why role-playing is common among little kids. As they reach a certain age, they start to copy what their parents do. When they see their mums cook dinner, they are most likely to ask you for toy kitchens. Likewise, when they see their dads drive a car, they will want to play with toy cars and toy garages. Through role-playing, children can see things in different perspectives and allow them to act out different scenarios.

Studies suggest that by allowing children to play different kinds of toys help them become well-rounded. Each toy teaches a different set of lessons and children can learn more about the opposite gender if they are allowed to play toys that are aimed for the other gender. If you want your children to learn a wide range of skills to prepare them for better things as they grow older, it’s highly recommended to buy toys that promote all types of learning.


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