Can I Use Baby Wipes on My Baby?

Learn if you can use baby wipes and when should you start using them on your baby

Well this depends on the baby wipes! If you plan on using disposable baby wipes, it is not recommended for at least 6 weeks. If what you want to use are reusable baby wipes, with lukewarm water this is the same as using cotton wool and water and can be used from birth.

NHS guidelines

For newborns, the NHS recommends the use of cotton wool and a bowl of water or fragrance and alcohol free baby wipes. You might be very surprised to find alcohol in baby wipes, and yes it does sting!

Most baby wipes, especially the disposable ones, contain several chemicals which I personally would not be happy putting on a baby's sensitive skin. These baby wipes can contain phenoxyethanol, fragrance and PEG compounds. Phenoxyethanol is particularly concerning because it has been linked to depressing the central nervous system.

This is one of the reasons why disposable wipes are not advisable from birth.

Cotton Wool & Water Is a Faff

We hear you. Yes, it can be difficult at times to use cotton wool balls and water to clean your baby. Many parents have told us that they got fed up with fetching water and top and tail bowls for each change.

Also that cotton wool balls were difficult to shift baby poo. They have told us that the cotton wool can come apart too easily and stick to the baby's bum.

Some parents were happy with the faff for a few months knowing that it is much safer to use and kinder on babies skin. Some baby wipes have come out which are supposedly ‘sensitive’ or pure, but a quick scan of the ingredients suggests they are not as pure as suggested.

Also, consider this. If you read any online forum about the best cleaning product for x, how do I get y of x etc it's a bit scary how many times disposable baby wipes come up as a cleaning suggestion. They really do work on cleaning away the toughest of stains on most surfaces. It would amaze you and make you wonder what exactly is in them? Does your gorgeous newborn baby need the strongest chemical cleaner on them?

A wise woman once told me to do something before I used a wet wipe on a baby's bum. She told me to use it on my bum first and see how I felt. Ouch, it bloody stung! Try it, please, straight away! No wonder so many babies hate nappy changes!

Baby Wipes That You Can Wash and Reuse

So we have found out cotton wool is faffy and messy and not the best. Disposable baby wipes have enough chemicals in them to cleanse your house and sting. So what can parents do? Well, the perfect solution is reusable baby wipes. These can be used from the get go, are very easy to use, are completely natural with no nasties and will save you a fortune. Try them today!


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