Can Lillebaby Carriers Be Used With a Newborn?

Most Lillebaby baby carriers can be used with a newborn from 7lbs, yes, without the need for a newborn insert. The Lillebaby toddler carrier cannot be used with a newborn and the Lillebaby essential needs a newborn insert to use with a newborn.

Lillebaby Complete

The Lillebaby complete (which comes in various models like original, airflow, embossed or all seasons), can be used from the moment you bring your baby home from the hospital. Thanks to it's very clever adjustability the seat can be narrowed, then widened to grow with your baby.

Front Fetal Position

For a very young newborn the Lillebaby can be used in the fetal position.

This position uses the wide seat setting, but note that the babies legs are contained within the seat, they do not come out at the sides. Place your baby on a rolled up towel or blanket in this position. Also note that as the baby is higher up with the legs on the inside, you will need to use the additional neck support, to support your newborns head.

This position is ideal for the first couple of weeks of your baby’s life. They will soon move onto the second position, the infant position.

Infant Position

To move to the next position you will have to adjust the seat to the narrow setting. It is very important that you only put a newborn in the infant position if the seat is on the narrow width setting. Putting a newborn on the wide seat setting would not be ergonomic and may be very uncomfortable for your baby.

Once you have adjusted the seat to the narrow setting, this position is ideal for babies facing towards you. It is not recommended that babies face outwards for at least 6 months.

Whilst this seat may seem a little narrow, it grows with the baby until it needs to be adjusted back to the wide seat setting (at between 6-9 months old, depending on the size of the baby). As your baby grows, just move them further along the back of the carrier, ensuring at each step that the material is knee-to-knee. This just means shuffling your baby back a cm or so as he grows. Once he is at the full width of the seat, it's time to move to a wide seat position.

Forward Facing

Once a baby can hold its neck up without support, (around 6-9 months) it's safe to face forward in an ergonomic forward facing baby carrier like the Lillebaby complete. You will need to have the seat in the narrow seat setting to use the forward facing position.

Back Carries

Once the baby is comfortable holding their own head, you can carry on front or back. Many people prefer to carry heavier babies on their back as it's more comfortable and babies can see a lot more!


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