Can You Front Carry in a Tula


While all Tula Baby Carriers are designed to allow you to wear your baby on your front. Not all of them are designed to allow the baby to face forwards while you are carrying them. And so it depends what you are thinking of when you think of front carrying.

Carrying your baby facing your chest on your front is the most natural position for them to be in especially when they are very small. It’s where you would naturally hold them in your arms and if you are breastfeeding it’s where you hold them to feed them.

Front Carrying in a Tula Baby Carrier

All our Tula carriers are designed to be used to carry your baby on your front when they are small, and can then be used for back carries as they get bigger and heavier. Carrying on the front is perfect for small babies as they are held close, can feel your heartbeat and your breathing, and you are able to respond quickly to their cues.

Most Tula carriers are only designed to be worn with baby facing inwards towards your chest. Although the Tula Explore has been designed to allow for outward facing front carrying as well as inward facing front carrying.

Front Facing Babywearing

While almost all carriers allow for babies to be carried on your front, other than some carriers designed specifically for back carrying toddlers, not all carriers are designed to facilitate outward-facing babywearing and there are a number of reasons for this.

Those that are, and allow for baby to be worn in this way ergonomically and safely, such as the Tula Explorer, have a special design that supports baby in an M position, where their knees are above their hips, even when they are front-facing. This means they are not dangling from their crotch as can be seen with some carriers and is not a good position for babies to be in for extended periods of time.

Facing outward may be enjoyed by babies but they do also need respite from this position. When they are facing toward you they are able to block out a lot of auditory and visual stimulation by burying their head in your chest. Facing you is also a preferable position if they are sleeping or if they are upset.

Forward facing is also only suitable for babies of around 6-12 months even with a specially designed carrier. Before 6 months and they are not generally strong enough to be carried in this way, and beyond 12 months they tend to be too heavy causing back strain to the wearer and are better off being carried on your back where they are still able to see what’s going on around them.

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