Castle Accessories - Knights, Dragons and Princesses

Castle Accessories to Bring Your Imaginary Worlds to Life

Children love playing with castles and there are so many options for hours of imaginative creative play. A castle toy is a perfect place to combine myth, legend and fairytales with everyday life and a great lesson in history.

Having the right accessories can add so many different elements to play. And with our great range of wooden castles and accessories, your child can create their own world for hours of creative small-world play.

A well could be a magical wishing well, a portal to the spirit world of fairies and other magical creatures or just the place where the villagers and castle servants have to go to get water. The tallest tower could be where the princess is kept captive, where you lock away the wicked witch or just the best lookout spot to keep an eye out for invading armies.

And of course all good fairy tales or castle stories are made better by a dragon. They might need to be slain or perhaps they can be tamed. Your knights might ride dragons instead or horses or they might be magical beings that will give wisdom and grant wishes to worthy hero’s and heroines.

Bigjigs Train Accessories

Bigjigs have a great range of castle train accessories that will turn your train track into the perfect setting for fairytale knights and princesses and a great way to expand your small world play set up. There’s a dungeon for locking away anyone who misbehaves and a friendly dragon crane.

Ostheimer Figures and Accessories

Osthiemer make an absolutely stunning range of figures and accessories that are perfect for creating a fantasy world. There are lots of fairy tale characters to choose from including knights, royalty, dwarfs and fairies and even a frog prince.

As well as the figures Ostheimer also make amazing castle elements that can be collected and used together or used along with other castle toys. The round tower would make a perfect tower in the woods from which a princess needed to be rescued. There is a gorgeous wishing well. And can even get a cannon to protect the castle from invaders.

Mythical Animals and Woodland Creatures

Once you have your castle and it’s inhabitants why not place it in an ancient woodland full of animals, mythical and real who might help or hinder your hero’s and heroines on their adventures.

Fairy tales often feature wolves, bears, birds and other animals and adding these as accessories to your toy castle can dramatically increase the play potential and add so many more options for imaginative storylines.

Both Ostheimer and Holztiger have a great range of animals and both make stunning dragons. If you get lucky you might find a unicorn or even a magical mermaid if your castle happens to be by the sea.


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