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Children's Cleaning Toys & Accessories for Pretend Role Play Games

Children love to emulate the things they see us doing like cleaning and housekeeping, and with our range of fantastic children's cleaning toys, they can now role-play while you tidy up your home. They want to act like little grown-ups because that is how they learn, and copying the things we do is how they have been learning since day one. This toy set is perfect for exploring your child's imagination and creativity. And it doesn't stop there. It also helps them improve their social and language skills. With our children's cleaning toys, you can also teach your kids the importance of cleanliness at home.

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Bigjigs Toy Iron and Board
Bigjigs Clothes Airer
Bigjigs Kids Broom Set
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Indigo Jamm Mini washing

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A cleaning set might seem mundane but these role-play toys are perfect for playing pretend encouraging narrative thought and imaginative play. Watch as they entertain themselves for hours playing house. Ironing dolls clothes and pegging them up on their very own airer, or sweeping up after making a delicious meal in their wooden play kitchen. They might be working in a salon and need a broom to sweep up the hair or be a shop or cafe owner who needs to clean up at the end of the day. Or they might just want to join in with you while you do the cleaning. In which case having their own kit means at least you can still get on with what you were doing.

The Big Jigs cleaning set has a wooden broom, dustpan and brush and mop which are beautifully made miniature versions of the real thing. Perfect for play but also for getting children used to helping with the chores as they can clean up any crumbs using their very own kids cleaning kit or dust their own toys. And their gorgeous ironing board and iron are great for playing mummies and daddies. These make a great addition to a play kitchen and are a perfect accessory if your child loves playing with dolls. 

We love the Small Foot Childrens Vacuum Cleaner. It's brightly coloured, lightweight and has a flexible hose so it's perfect for getting into all those tricky places like under the sofa. This might not be the first thing you think of when looking for a toy or a gift for a toddler. But you might be surprised at how much they get played with. You could even get a little trolley or bucket for them to cart their supplies around in. 

Kids Cleaning set - Children learning through play

These traditional wooden toys are great for developing vocabulary as well as gross and fine motor skills. Plus having their own cleaning toys is a great way to keep your little ones entertained while you hoover or sweep the floor. 

Imaginative play for children almost always starts with the familiar. They can come up with some epic stories and scenarios but they will inevitably start out with a familiar situation. And they love to take on the roles of people they see around them. Whether that's the hairdresser sweeping the floor at the salon, dad doing the dishes, or the neighbour washing the car on the street. 

Taking on these roles during play allows them to explore social situations and learn to use new vocabulary at their own pace. And cleaning toys are also a great way of thinking about looking after others and developing empathy. Pair with a doll and they'll be cleaning up after their baby, add a doctor set and they'll be keeping the hospital clean to make sure their patients get well as quickly as possible. 

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