Choosing the Best Lacing and Beading

Creative activities like lacing and beading have proven benefits in childhood learning and development. These activities have been shown to enhance hand-eye coordination, cognitive development, fine motor skills, visual perception, spatial awareness, and tactile sensory skills.

As fun and transformative as these activities may be, choosing the right lacing and beading supplies is just as important. So here’s how to choose the best beading and lacing supplies for your art projects.

Choose safe and sustainable supplies

Choosing safe arts and craft supplies like beads and laces is definitely a no brainer. The same goes for almost anything you would buy for your child. You don;t want your child to be using or playing with something that could cause serious harm and injuries.

Reading product descriptions and online reviews from other parents is one way to make sure that you’re buying the safest art and craft supplies for your child. Sure this could take a bit of time and effort but it’s absolutely worth doing.

Be wary of any supplies that are brandless and have a suspiciously cheap price tag. Sticking to brand names and reputable art and craft supplies is your best bet at making sure the supplies are safe.

Keep them simple

Keep your supplies simple. Simple in terms of colours, design and how to use them. There are lacing and beading supplies that are a bit too complicated for little kids especially those who are just getting into lacing and beading. If you want your child to be interested in these creative activities, don’t overcomplicate things and make things simple for her.

Some children can feel easily frustrated, little kids especially, if the activity is difficult. But keeping things simple doesn’t exactly mean boring.

There are many simple things that are still fun and exciting. And you can make simple things that way. For example, you can turn a simple lacing and beading activity into something your child can enjoy by adding games into the activity.


Lacing and beading supplies can be made out from a variety of materials. But those that are made from sustainable and renewable materials like wood are better than those that are made from synthetic materials like plastic.

Plastic is an extremely durable material. This also makes anything made from plastic non-biodegradable. It takes hundreds of years before something made out of plastic starts decomposing. They’re widely available because they’re cheaper to produce compared to other materials. The lower price tag comes at an environment cost.

Lacing and beading supplies that are made from sustainable materials like wood are generally better than plastic. Wood has antibacterial properties and the texture of wood is good for sensory play.

Support your child’s interest

Knowing what your child likes and dislikes is something you should do as a parent. Doing so will serve as a guide for when you buy something for your child like toys and for when you choose activities you want your child to partake in.

For instance, if your child showed interest in fairies you can buy clothes and toys that are fairy-themed. Likewise, you can encourage them to take interests in lacing and beading if you choose supplies that come in her favourite fairy tale characters.

While certain activities like lacing and beading have proven benefits to a child’s early development, forcing them to partake in such activities is counter productive.


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