Choosing the Best Play Food Sets for Your Child

If you have a toddler who is interested in food or a budding chef, then play food sets are the perfect toys for him. Play food sets are good toys for imaginative play. Imaginative play is a huge part of a child’s playtime. Most children love to play roles based on their experiences and interests. Sometimes, they role play and copy the actions of their parents like preparing food and cooking meals. Whether your little one is cooking delicious food for her friends or baking cupcakes for her dolls, play food sets are the perfect toys for her.

Encouraging your children to engage in imaginative play is good for their development. There are many toys that are good for role playing and good examples of these toys are play food sets. Play kitchens are not fun to play without props like play food. Just like in real life, a kitchen is useless if you have no food to cook.

There are many play food sets on the market which makes buying any of them a bit challenging. We have created a short guide on how to choose the best play food set to help you out a little.

The first thing you need to consider when buying a play food set is safety and the materials of the play food set affects how safe they are. Knowing that you are buying play food sets you should expect that your child might put these toys into her mouth. Sure, you can always warn your child not to eat these play foods but to be on the safer side, choose play food sets made from wood. Keep in mind that just because these toys are made from wood they are automatically safe. You might need to do more research about how the play food set was made, the paint used in them, etc. Additionally, look at the pictures of the wooden play wood set and make sure that the set you are going to buy does not have sharp or pointed edges. All pieces included in the set should also have smooth surfaces to avoid splinters. Also, read the product descriptions and warnings for any potential choking hazards.

We highly recommend to stay away from plastic play food as much as possible especially if you do not know what kind of plastic was used to make these toys. Most plastic toys contain toxic chemicals like BPA or bisphenol-A, phthalates and more.

Another thing to consider is the durability of the play food set. Read reviews from other parents about the play food set you want to buy. Doing so, gives you an idea on what to expect of the play food set.

If you still can’t decide which play food set to buy, then setting up a budget should narrow down your list. There are many play food sets to choose from so there should be a play food set for your budget.


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