Choosing the Best Pull Along Toys

Pull Toys

Pull toys are simple toys. But they’re amazing toys for early development and offer hours upon hours of fun playtime. Parents are raving about them and little children are delighted to play with them. They have been around for so many years but remain popular despite the increase in popularity of more sophisticated toys.

These toys are great for encouraging movement as well as developing a wide range of essential skills like fine motor, hand-eye coordination, gross motor and many more. It’s important to develop these skills early on because children need them to perform tasks at home and at school when they grow older.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best pull toys for children is not easy. Pull toys come in a wide range of forms, shapes and sizes. There are pull toys in the form of some of our children’s favourite animals like cows, horses, dogs, cats and even fantastical ones like unicorns. So it’s not surprising that some parents find it difficult to pick the right pull toys for their children.

There are a lot of things to consider before buying a pull toy, or any toy for that matter. Your child safety should be at the top of that list. Other things like features, budget and materials should also be considered when buying any toy.

We take a closer look at these factors and why they’re important.


We want our children to play with toys that offer the most fun and development. However, they’re not good if they’re not safe to play in the first place. The toys you buy for your children should be 100% safe and age-appropriate. Buying a pull toy that is too sophisticated and advanced can only bring frustration to your child. Each child develops at a different pace, so keep that in mind.

Pull toys may appear as basic but there are a few things you need to look out for before buying them. You should avoid any attachments like beads to the string of the pull toy. These attachments can form loops and can entangle your child’s tiny fingers and hands. You should also pick a pull toy with thicker strings. If the string is too thin, it may cut your child’s skin. The string should also be in the right length around 30 cm or less. Do not leave your children unsupervised when playing with a pull toy with longer strings. You can cut the string if it’s too long.

Another thing to look out for is the weight of the pull toy. Make sure it’s not too light that it tips over all the time or not too heavy that your child will have difficulty pulling it.


You can choose between a plastic or a wooden pull along toy. Some parents choose plastic over wood because they’re easier to clean. Cleaning a wooden pull toy is not difficult and they are more eco-friendly than their plastic counterparts. Playing with wooden toys at an early age sets your child to a life of sustainability and brings her closer to nature.


There are many affordable pull toys on the market. Don’t worry if they appear too basic. What’s important is that they are fun and safe to play with. With so many options, there’s a pull toy for every budget range.


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