Choosing the best reusable sandwich wrap

How to choose the best sandwich wrap

It’s easy to decide you want to reduce the amount of single-use plastic but it can be harder to pick out the perfect reusable wrap. There are plenty of options from beeswax wraps to fabric pockets and all are great in different ways.

First you need to think about what you want to wrap? Is this a single sandwich for a toddlers lunch box, half a baguette, a pasty or a bagel. This will give you an idea of the size of the wrap you need.

Next think about who will be using it and how. If you always take a salad wrap in your lunch box alongside lots of other bits and it fits just perfectly wrapped in cling film then you will want something that adds as little bulk as possible like a beeswax wrap. Children will find the velcro of the Boc N Roll wraps easy to use, and they are very obviously not single-use. While a reusable sandwich bag might be the perfect option for popping a bagel in your pocket to eat on your commute to work.

Finally think about what you are used to as switching like for like can make the transition easier if you will want to use the wrap for other things like covering leftovers, and whether you would prefer something you can put in the washing machine or that you are happy to rinse it under the tap.

The best reusable sandwich wrap for replacing sandwich bags

If you are used to always having a handy roll of sandwich bags that you use for lunch boxes and snacks then the best option is probably a reusable snack bag like those by Rolleat or Keep Leaf.

These handbags can be used for a sandwich or similar but are also perfect for fruit, crackers, cookies and popcorn. They are incredibly easy to use for kids as well as adults. And they are easy to clean by putting them in your washing machine.

The best option for big eaters

If you like at least two rounds of sandwiches or a great big chunk of baguette than you will be better of with the Boc N Roll wrap. These velcro wraps double as a placemat when you are out and about, can take hot food (up to a maximum of 120 degrees), can go in the freezer, and they do a kids size too.

These are the best option for replacing clingfilm in your lunch boxes.

The best option for occasional use

If you don’t wrap a sandwich every day but need something to replace the cling film when you do then wax wraps might be the best solution.

We love these because they are just so versatile. You can use them to save half a lemon or apple, cover bowls or tubs just like clingfilm, keep your bread, cheese, herbs and cold cuts fresher for longer, and keep your sandwiches fresh all day.

Unlike the other options you probably wouldn’t want to use these without a lunch box or bag, but the can be used to wrap any shape and really do keep your sandwiches fresh all day.

Next up… How to use reusable food wraps.

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