Choosing the Right Playsets for Your Children

When parents think about getting toys for their kids, they often only think about how fun and entertaining they will be. Toys are one of the ways in which our kids can learn many different valuable skills.

In addition to the toys and playsets themselves, play is also an important element of early childhood development. Toys can be an aid to play, or they can become a focus for it. Simple toys with few moving parts and easy-to-use functions mean that children have more opportunity for creativity since they do not have to spend their time puzzling over how the toy works.

Safety First

First and foremost, playsets and toys that you buy for your child should be appropriate for his age and 100% safe to play with. There should be no place for playsets that are deemed as potentially dangerous in your child’s toy collection regardless of their entertainment value.

Expensive doesn’t mean the toy is safe. You’d be better off knowing that your child is playing with only the safest playsets. Likewise, be cautious and wary about cheap toys and playsets. These toys are more likely made from low quality materials and most likely didn’t go through rigorous safety checks.

When you buy playsets for your child, make sure you read the package label for warnings and age suitability. Most of the time playsets that are appropriate for your child are safer and more enjoyable for their age.

Inspect the toy or playset thoroughly before handing it over to your child. Make sure it doesn’t have any flimsy or loose parts that could be potential choking hazards. Additionally, if the toy is made from wood, make sure it doesn’t have any sharp edges or rough surface that could potentially cause splinters and injuries.


Unfortunately, many parents don’t pay attention to the materials of the playsets or toys they buy. This shouldn’t be the case thought because the materials used to make the toy or playset also determines how safe it is.

Toys or playsets made from plastic could potentially contain harmful chemicals and substances like BPA and phthalates. Even some of those that are marketed as BPA-free still contain BPA. BPA or bisphenol-A is considered as a hormone disruptor which means it disrupts and interferes with the body’s hormones.

Wooden toys tend to be safer and thanks to wood’s natural antibacterial properties, you don’t get dirty as quickly as plastic toys.

There’s also the environmental implications that you need to consider. Wood is easily a more sustainable material than plastic. Additionally, plastic toys are made durable to last long but it also makes them non biodegradable.

So if you’re in the market for toys or playsets, we highly recommend those made from wood.

Developmental Value

Toys and playsets should be fun to play with. Otherwise, your child will get bored of them easily. However, they should also help them develop and improve essential skills.

Playing is the earliest form of education most children could experience. And you should fill your child’s toy closet with playsets that promote early learning and development.


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