Choosing the Right Role Play Toys

Choosing the right role play toys can be a bit challenging. Not because of the lack of options, it actually is the exact opposite. Having too many options can be overwhelming. You would not know which one is good and which one is not. Some toys require a significant financial investment. You do not want your children to get bored with their toys after just playing them once.

Role play toys are an important part of a child’s development. These toys promote the use of children’s imagination while acting roles based on their experiences and interests. They have the freedom to play however they want, whatever they want. They are free to play any roles they want and they are not bound to any play rules.

When people think of role play, they think something magical. But that’s not entirely true. Sure, children role play as princesses, kings, queens or fairies but they also love role playing as chefs, doctors or a farmer’s market vendor.

There are many role play toys that cater to any of these play styles. We hope our guide will help you find the right role play toys for you and your child.


The first thing that you should consider when buying a role play toy or any other toy for that matter is safety. Make sure to buy toys that are age-appropriate and without too many detachable parts that can be potential choking hazards especially if your child developed a nasty habit of putting things into his mouth. Read the product description as well as online reviews to know exactly what to expect so there should be no ugly surprises.


Buy role play toys based on your children’s interests. If your child shows interest in cooking, there are many cooking-related toys you can buy like toy kitchens, play foods, toy cookwares and more. If your child is more interested in fantasy, you can buy her role play toys like princesses, fairies and more. Supporting your child’s interests gives them confidence and boosts their self-esteem.


Not many parents consider materials as important when buying toys. However, with the current state of our environment, we highly recommend becoming more conscious with the things we buy and consume and that includes the most simple things like toys. Buying toys that are made from sustainable materials like wood sets our children on a path to sustainable living. Not to mention that wooden role play toys or wooden toys for that matter are safer than plastic toys because unlike plastic toys, wooden role play toys are free from toxic chemicals like BPA or bisphenol-A.


While really not important, accessories can keep things fresh and interesting for your children. Choose role play toys that can be upgraded at a later time if you do not have the budget to do so in the present. For instance, you can buy toy accessories like play food or toy cookware for your children’s toy kitchens.


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