Choosing Toys for 12 Year Olds

Buying toys for your child shouldn't be that difficult. Sure, they’re no longer considered kids but they’re still children. Even though they’re going through a lot of changes, they’re still children and can benefit from playing with toys.

If you want to make things simple, you can ask your child directly what she wants and what interests her. But if you want to surprise her, then here are a few things to consider and look out for when buying toys for a 12 year old.

Choose safe toys

Regardless of your children’s age, their safety should be one of your priorities. Many toys appear safe but if you think about how children might play them, you’d have to think twice before buying them.

A good example of this kind of toy is a fist toy. These toys are wearable and could potentially cause harm to the wearer and/or other children. Children love to pretend play and if they’re wearing a fist toy they’d most likely want to punch things. This is very dangerous and could cause serious impact injuries to your child’s hands.

If you’re buying art supplies and science kits, make sure they’re labeled as non-toxic and non-flammable. Otherwise, stay away from these toys.

Likewise, avoid buying toys that have too many electrical parts. If they’re poorly designed and they fail, they could potentially cause injuries and burns.

Age Appropriate & Materials

Choosing toys that are suitable for your child’s age is still important. Most toys are labeled with age suitability so make sure to read the packaging of the toy.

Moreover, limit plastic toys as much as possible. There are already plenty of plastic toys and once they’re no longer needed or they break they end up in our landfills and oceans.

Instead choose wooden toys or any toy that is made from sustainable materials. Living responsibly and sustainability are the kind of lessons you want to impart to your young ones.

Educational & Developmental

Even if your child is about to become a teenager, you should look out for her learning and development. Support her interests and encourage her to take up a hobby.

If she’s into sports, buy toys that are related to her sports. Provide a safe environment for her to practice and improve her abilities for that particular sport.

Board games are good toys to give to your 12 year old. Classic board games like chess and checkers are great for developing her problem solving skills and analytical thinking. It also sharpens the memory, boosts planning skills and inspires creativity.

Puzzles that both you and your child can complete together is another good idea for a toy. Choose something that is challenging but not too difficult to solve that it causes frustration.

You should also consider getting your child a DIY kit. She’ll be thrilled to complete a DIY project and display the finished product.

Robots are all the rage right now. They’re considered educational because children engage in STEM learning when playing with robotics. If you want to get one for your child, make sure they’re safe and suitable for her age.


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