Choosing Toys for 8 Year Olds


Children experience physical and mental changes as they reach the age of 8. They start to understand complicated things around this age because they are now able to entertain themselves alone for longer periods. It’s important that they have some challenging toys to play with because their brain and thoughts are developing at an extremely fast rate. With age comes a change in toys, so let’s take a look at what things to consider and look out for when buying toys for 8 year olds.

Age appropriate

Toys are more than just playthings, they can also be educational and development tools. So buying toys for your 8 year old, choosing age-appropriate toys is important. Always consider what your child likes and what mental and physical changes she is going through. Doing so helps you find the right toys for her that maximise her learning and development potential. But remember that every child is unique and different. Reaching developmental milestones is good but they are more like guidelines than rules.

The toys you buy for your 8 year old should benefit her. It should be something that interests her or at least gets her interested in something worthwhile. Educational and developmental toys are only good if children play with them. So it is recommended to learn what your child wants and what interests her. This will give you an idea on what toys to buy that she will enjoy.


You want your child to learn new things, expand her creativity and improve her skills. However you should always put your child’s safety first. For instance, do not buy science kits and chemistry sets if they are not suitable for an 8 year old child. Most of these toys may contain dangerous chemicals and could cause fires and explosion if not handled properly.

When buying toys that are battery operated or have electrical parts, make sure they are UL approved. And remind your child not to change the batteries and instead tell you about it so that you can change it for him.

Stay away from toys that have sharp edges and rough surfaces. Do not buy toys that can shoot objects into the air because they can potentially cause serious injuries.

Good for learning and development

Children are natural learners with endless curiosity. Toys can provide them with opportunities to learn, develop reasoning or imagination skills, which will help them become engaged, independent learners as they grow.

When you’re shopping for toys for your 8 year old, it might seem hard to determine which ones are best. You want something that has lasting play value but is also fun and functions as a learning tool. So when it comes to choosing toys, you want to make sure your children are playing with one that supports their creativity and growth. There are hundreds of brands and types of toys, which makes this a challenging choice for parents. But it does not take a lot of time doing research on what toys are good for learning and development especially if it benefits your child.

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