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Unique Christening Gifts

Find the perfect gift for a Christening from our great range. We think the best christening gifts are thoughtful and unique gifts that will be treasured for years and that children will get enjoyment from as they grow. Whether you choose to start a collection of beautiful wooden toys, get them a money box to start saving for life's big adventures or choose an heirloom piece they can pass on to their own children we've chosen a great range of gifts for every budget.

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Grimms 6 Piece Rainbow
£24.50  (66)
Rubens Barn Fern Ecobud
Rubens EcoBuds - Aspen
Rubens EcoBuds - Iris
£40.90  (2)
Rubens EcoBuds - Hazel
Rubens Baby -  Emma 4 piece
£64.90  (17)
Rubens Barn Poppy Ecobud
£40.90  (2)
Rubens Baby  - Max 4 piece
£64.90  (16)
Rubens Baby  - Nora 4 piece
£64.90  (8)
Grimms Building Set Red Hearts
£31.50  (6)
Rubens Baby -  Erik 4 piece
£64.90  (27)
Rubens EcoBuds - Daisy
£40.90  (1)
Rubens Baby  - Nils 4 piece
£64.90  (1)
Rubens Baby -  Molly 4 Piece
£64.90  (24)
Fair trade fairies Magic fairy
£6.95  (1)
Grimms Stacking Tower Boat
£47.94  (2)
Grimms Sunset Rainbow 10 piece
£55.50  (4)
Grimms Building Set Rainbow Hearts
£31.50  (11)
Grimms earth
£21.95  (13)
Grimms Fire
£21.95  (16)
Grimms Small 4 Elements Building Set
£56.70  (2)
Plan Toys Piggy Bank Pink
Grimms Stacking Tower Rainbow
£49.96  (14)
Grimms Tunnel natural
£22.96  (3)
Ostheimer Wishing Well
Grimms Small Earth
£12.49  (8)
Grimms Small Fire
£12.49  (17)
Grimms Small Rainbow
£12.95  (40)
Grimms Waterwaves
£22.96  (14)

Page 1 of 1:    56 Items 

Best Christening Gifts

If you are looking for the best christening gifts, look no further than our collection of adorable christening gifts. From eco-friendly dolls made from organic cotton to colourful wooden toys, we have got you covered.

Here are our some of our top christening gift recommendations that will turn you into the ultimate gift-giver:

Rubens Barn Eco-buds

These soft and adorable little dolls make for perfect christening gifts. Designed in Sweden and made from organic cotton, each doll gives a warm snuggle to any newborn. Babies love to cuddle and no other toy can compare to these eco-friendly dolls.

Rubens Original Dolls

These dolls from Swedish dollmaker Rubens Barns are some of the best dolls on the market. They feature anatomically correct bodies and weighted bottoms for a more realistic and detailed play. They come in different outfits and a variety of skin tones, one of the most unique christening gifts you can give.

Grimms 6 Piece Rainbow

When you are looking for christening gifts, you don’t want it to be just fun. You also want the gift to educational which can help a lot during a newborn’s early development. This unique toy from popular toymaker Grimms can be played in various ways. It can be used as tunnels for cards or a curved bridge. The bright colour finish can be used as a teaching tool for colour recognition and it’s tactile nature and wooden texture brings your kid closer to nature. The fun play possibilities are endless. Oh, and they are eco-friendly. They are made from responsibly sourced wood and finished with water-based dyes.

Djeco Musical Boxes - Space Melody

The newborn receiver of this amazing christening gifts will adore its bright colours and be entertained for hours while the figures dance to the tune of “Flowers Waltz” from Tchaikovsky. Hand painted and made from renewable materials like wood, these musical boxes are safe for little ones and the environment.

Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House

These stunning dolls house from Plan Toys feature three storeys of spacious interiors and realistic sashes that slide open and shut. Fill it with miniature dolls and furniture that make for a fun and imaginative playtime. Made from ethically sourced wood, these unique doll house is made to last for years and provide creative playtime from one generation to the next. One of the best christening gifts we have available.

Eco-friendly Christening Gifts

Our range of christening presents are all good on the environment. Most of them are made from renewable materials like wood and cotton and are finished with non-toxic water-based paint. All presents for christening conform to European and international safety standards. These are the some of the best baptism presents you can find online.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better deal online with our range of eco-friendly christening gifts.

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