Christmas Candles

christmas candles

Divine Christmas Candles that will make your home feel instantly festive

Our great range of Christmas Candles make the perfect gifts for friends and family as well as lovely decorations that will bring a gorgeous aroma to your home.

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Wild Olive Room Diffuser White Fig
Agnes & Cat Kilner Jar Candle
£19.99   £12.50
Wild Olive White Fig
Agnes & Cat Jam Jar Candle
£12.50   £9.00
Wild Olive Candle Crushed Berry
£9.95   £7.00
Wild Olive Candle Lemon and Maychang
£9.95   £7.00
Wild Olive Candle Pear & Freesia
£9.95   £7.00
Wild Olive Candle Vintage Rose
£9.95   £7.00

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Festive Candles

Set that festive mood through Christmas candles, Christmas decoration that has been used for hundreds of years. The flickering Christmas candle light is perfect for a cosy winter night on the sofa. We all love our houses to smell beautiful as well as look beautiful. With our fabulous range of Christmas candles, you can be sure you'll find a colour and - if you like - a scent that you'll adore.

Our Christmas candles have been made using ethically sourced, sustainable wax and if they are scented, natural, essential oils have been used. If you are a Yankee candle fan, you'll love this brilliant range of Christmas candles. Perfect for around your house or as a gift for friends, family or even your child's teacher. Make your Christmas effortlessly eco-friendly with Baba Me's help, and relax by the flickering light of your new candle.

Christmas Candle Brands We Trust

Wild Olive

Wild Olive make their beautiful range of Christmas candles from natural soy wax. Each Christmas candle is crafted with love in the Peak District and uses the best quality ingredients. The use of Soy wax ensures that each time you burn your Christmas candle, no toxins are released into the air keeping a clean atmosphere for you and your family. The dotty Christmas candles have cute polka dots hand dripped into them in a variety of different colours. The colours match the various aromas using anything from pink to green wax, you'll be able to match it to your decor.

The woodwick candle range has a wooden wick that gives off a crackling noise and a flickering flame. This adds to your overall atmosphere giving a sense of a roaring fire in the fireplace.

The scented Christmas candles are given their aroma by using natural essential oils blended together to give contrasting and complimenting scents for your home. Not only do these candles smell amazing but they look great too. Each candle comes in a tin. This looks fabulous and ensures that your house and furniture are protected from a stray wax drip or overzealous flame as your candle burns.

Wild Olive has also produced a Christmas wax melt selection box. This is a perfect alternative to a mass-produced chocolate selection box or even an advent calendar. Made from natural ingredients, lovingly handmade and simply beautiful, this would make a great gift or simply a treat for you and your home. Wild Olive has gathered together all their wonderful scents in one place in this wonderful set. Simply pop one of the tablets into the top of your oil burner and light a tealight underneath. Now sit back as your room fills with stunning scents.

We also stock diffusers which are a great alternative to candles if you are a little worried about having a naked flame in your home. They give off long-lasting aromas without the danger of lighting a candle. The Wild Olive diffusers come with eight bamboo reeds. They are presented in beautiful glass bottles and have a little silver stopper so you can pop them away and store them if desired.

Artisan's Fair

Artisans fair is a fairtrade company created by Tradecraft. They ensure that skilled artisans from around the world are ethically treated as they create beautiful products for the home and garden. Each of their products has been ethically made using either recycled or sustainably sourced materials.

The Artisan's fair Christmas candles are hand poured using sustainably sourced palm wax. Palm wax releases very few toxins as it is burned, keeping the air in your home clean and fresh. The wick is made from 100% natural cotton and there are no harsh chemicals or artificial colours used. Each of the large pillar candles burns for around 140-150 hours meaning one of these beauties will last you the festive period easily.

These stunning Christmas candles would look great on their own or within a lantern or large jar such as an up-turned bell jar. The red candles are especially festive whilst the frosted candles will match happily with any winter wonderland decor theme.

Agnes and Cat

Handmade in the picturesque Lake District, this small family run business is committed to manufacturing Christmas candles that don't harm our planet. The Christmas candles are made using soy wax and they are vegan-friendly, chemical free and all natural. Each product from Agnes and Cat is presented in beautiful packaging that is either 100% recyclable or reusable.

The smallest Christmas candle comes in a lovely presentation tin and is available in six different aromas. This candle burns for approximately 30 - 35 hours.

The next sized candle is presented in a cute jam jar. This cute country chic candle looks great anywhere in the house and as you can see the colour wax through the glass you can match it to your decor.

The largest Agnes and Cat Christmas candles come in a Kilner jar. The use of Kilner jars has become increasingly popular over the last few years and are now an interior design favourite. These burn for around 80 hours.

The Agnes and Cat range would make lovely gifts for teachers or family, the special packaging and local handmade element makes that that bit more unique. They also make a perfect treat for yourself.

Festive Scents of A Christmas Candle

  • Wild Olive Christmas candles - Winter Wonderland a light festive scent, perfect for watching the snow fall from your sofa.
  • Wild Olive Christmas candles - Frankincense and Oudh, a heady, warm aroma of middle eastern spices and dreamy mystery.
  • Wild Olive Christmas candles - Merry Christmas, a warm spicy aroma that will help your home feel festive ready.
  • Wild Olive Christmas candles - White Fig, a clean fresh fragrance that is slightly zesty and wonderfully energising.
  • Wild Olive Christmas candles - Star, clean and fruity, comes with a lovely little quote to make you smile.
  • Agnes and Cat Christmas candles - Fell Berry wonderfully fruity this juicy scent will give your home a great festive aroma
  • Agnes and Cat Christmas candles - Moroccan Roll, a spiced aroma with citrus and floral notes. This rich scent is perfect for a living room.
  • Agnes and Cat Christmas candles - Coffee and Walnut, this candle smells good enough to eat. Its sweet scent has a wonderfully bitter undertone that you will just love to sink into after a long cold day.

A Christmas Candle History

It is unclear when candles first became associated with Christmas though it is certain they have been used throughout the winter and festive period for a very long time. Pagans would use them as part of the Winter Solstice to remind the community that Spring was on its way.

As part of the eight days that this festival runs, a candle is lit in a special holder or candelabra called a menorah or Hanukiah. Hanukkah is celebrated around the start of December. Many modern Jews celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, so candles run through both festivals.

Throughout the festive period, Christmas candles are used during church services especially the wonderfully atmospheric carols by candlelight services.

Before the invention of electronic tree lights, candles would often be the only decoration, they are also used in China, and in India in lamps on roofs.

Christmas candles can have many meanings, decorative attributes and give off wonderful scents. A candle can help set a romantic mood for a special dinner or a relaxed atmosphere for a cosy evening. Candles can also be used as a symbol of remembrance. We often see candlelit vigils were held for missing loved ones and candles lit in churches or around the home to remember those who are no longer with us. Ultimately, Christmas candles help us remember the light that has been and the light that is yet to come. The festive period is the perfect time to keep this in mind.

So if you are looking to fill your home with festive scents this Christmas, look no further than our collection.