Christmas Decorations

Stunning eco-friendly, festive decorations for your home and tree. Astound your friends and family, with these extra touches of magic.

Filling our homes with  at Christmas time evokes many memories and surrounds different familial traditions. You are likely to have recycled Christmas decorations that have been passed down to you through different generations but it is always lovely to add to your collection as your themes evolve. Our gorgeous range of eco-friendly Christmas decorations for trees and around the home have been specially selected to add that extra something to your house over the festive period.

Christmas Decor

Wooden trees and decorations

It’s great when you can use Christmas decorations over and over We have a few different styles of wooden trees that can be placed around your home year after year and decorated with a wide variety of different pieces. Take a look at the cluster of 3 fir trees that have been made using bark, these wonderful, tactile trees will go with any colour scheme and are perfect for a fireplace or windowsill. We also have a 3ft Christmas tree made from waste wood. This is the perfect alternative to a plastic or real tree that you have to throw away at the end of the season, and there are no annoying needles to have to hoover. Modern with a rustic feel this twisted tree look stunning when decorated and it's great for more than Christmas decorations, it could even double up as an Easter tree.

Christmas Ornaments

A Christmas tree is not complete without Christmas decorations. Take a look at our gorgeous range that adds colour and sparkle as they adorn any tree. The Pachamama tree ornaments have been hand felted in Nepal. They come in a range of different shapes including a bobble hat, a sheep, a Christmas pudding and elves amongst others. There is a wide variety of different tree baubles from the fabulously glittery Lakh balls to the more traditional hand painted paper mache baubles. If you are looking for decorations for a child’s tree look no further than the set of four adorable penguins, or the stunning Guatemalan worry doll angels. For a more contemporary look, we have the intricate hand cut hanging Nkuku Papel paper decorations. These come in a set of four and their large size means they become a fabulous statement piece on your tree and will create a talking point for anyone who visits.

Decorations for around the home.

Candles are a time honoured Christmas decoration and are now available in a large variety of different forms. We stock a wide range of candles including soy and beeswax, available in a great array of scents sizes and colours. Once you’ve chosen your candle it’s important to remember to stay safe and ensure it’s housed in an appropriate candle holder. Take a look at our Christmas themed, shabby chic, tea light holder. You’ll love how the flames dance through the cutout stars and the intricate woodland scene. In the daytime it’s festive snowy appearance will fit in with any decor. If you’re looking for a Christmassy scent for around the home look no further than the fabulous range of incense and wax melts that we have available. The winter wonderland incense sets have been nordic inspired and come in four different festive aromas. They are presented in gorgeous tube boxes with shiny silver snowflake charms which are not only functional but decorations in themselves. Wild Olive has produced a festive melt set that will leave your home smelling amazing, the different scents compliment each other and smell divine, a perfect addition to any festive house with Christmas decor!

Decoration for your Table

The festive period is often a time to get friends and family together for meals, ensure your table continues your festive decor with the classy Nkuku star napkin rings. Hand Forged from recycled metal these rings will add a wonderfully sparkly decoration to any table, and teamed up with some festive cloth napkins are perfect for Christmas dinner decor. If your not a fan of a roast dinner why not invite people over for a festive afternoon tea with turkey sandwiches, fruit scones and yule logs? Serve your tea in a teapot and take a look at our Pachamama Christmas pudding tea cosy. It has been hand knitted and is fleece lined to keep your tea hotter for longer. It even has a cute felt holly berry and leaves on the top making your teapot a functional Christmas decoration.

Nativity sets

For many people, the origins of Christmas come from the birth of Jesus. The well-known story has been told and retold through children in school and blockbuster films but the original premise remains the same. Mary is visited by the Angel Gabriel who tells her she will give birth to a boy called Jesus. Mary and her husband Joseph have to travel to Bethlehem to pay taxes, when they get there they struggle to find a room to stay and end up in a stable around the back of an inn. It is here that Mary gives birth to Jesus surrounded by animals and only has a Manger for his bed. The baby Jesus is visited by three shepherds and three wise men before Joseph is told by an Angel to take his family home and keep them safe.

It is often St Francis of Assisi who is credited with creating the first nativity scene in order to remind people of the origins of Christmas rather than the modern gift-giving that is often observed today. We stock a fantastic range of wooden nativity scenes. The colourful and cute Sevi scene comes with everything you need including palm trees, children will love this one as the characters are slightly cartoony, perfect for you to introduce them to the story and act it out. Christmas Ornaments that can be toys too!

Christmas Ornaments

The other option is to create your own scene using the various beautiful pieces from our Holztiger range. These stunning figures are hand carved from solid wood and hand painted so each one is unique. Simply choose one of the gorgeous buildings then fill it with whichever characters and animals you want.

Festive food

Christmas day and the festive period wouldn’t be the same without great food shared with great company. Over the festive period, you may have many different groups of friends and family over for meals. Ensure you always wow them with your table setups with a little help from our range of crockery and accessories.
It’s always time for rainbows, our rainbow plates, bowls and cups come in an array of sizes and will brighten up any table. You and your guests will love how colourful they are. If you are looking for something slightly more subtle look no further than the gorgeous Nkuku range of crockery, this rustic set will look great on your table. For drinks take a look at our huge range of wine glasses, tumblers jugs and carafes, all of which are fairtrade or made from recycled materials.
Whilst you’re cooking up a storm, look to Willie’s cacao cooks chocolate to make your dessert that little extra special. These chocolates are specially sourced and use a single type of cacao bean to ensure a rich and specific flavour. They are perfect for after dinner hot chocolate or use in rich chocolatey desserts.

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