Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve box is the perfect gift for kids and adults this holiday season. This box is filled with surprises and will be waiting under the tree when they wake up in the morning. It includes all of their favourite things - from chocolate to bath fizzers and more!

They'll be delighted with this special present which will make them feel like Santa has been there himself. And if you're looking for something extra special, fill the Christmas Eve box with goodies like fairtrade chocolates or personal care products.

Hopefully by Christmas Eve you’ve finished all of your shopping and have everything wrapped and ready to give the following day. This day is often used by families to prepare food for the next day, tidy the house for guests - including Mr Claus of course - and get those last minute items. So finally everyone can settle in and open the Christmas gifts.

Christians traditionally celebrate Christmas Eve by attending Midnight Mass. This service usually begins at midnight and marks the passing into Christmas day, though there are some more modern services that begin earlier in the evening. Many children spend Christmas Eve extremely excited and then before bed may hang a stocking by their bed or over the mantlepiece in the hope that it may be filled with presents. Other familial traditions will also be observed including placing a sack under the tree for Santa to fill, Leaving a snack and drink out for Santa with a carrot for Rudolph and in more recent times opening and discovering what is inside a Christmas Gift.

Christmas gifts are a relatively new tradition that has been adopted by many families across the world. They are generally given on Christmas but are sometimes gifted on the first day of December or the day after Thanksgiving in America. A Christmas gifts is filled with small gifts for children to prepare for Christmas day and to keep them occupied on Christmas. For many children, the excitement that builds about opening presents on the big day can become frustrating, with a Christmas gift box to open it can help to distract them and keep them calm.

Next is deciding how your children find their Christmas gift box, Many families will knock on the front door then when their children answer it the Christmas gift box has been left as if by magic! Another idea is to leave a note on the breakfast table as the beginning clue to a treasure hunt. Then hide a series of clues around the house leading the children to their Christmas gift box. Add an extra element of magic and include a small gift for mummy and daddy so that children won’t think it was you that has put it together.

There are many different items and novelty gifts that can be put into a Christmas gifts however here are some of our favourite ideas

  1. New Christmas pyjamas, an essential Christmas Eve Box item, ready for the VIP visit from Father Christmas and cosy slippers for opening presents in the morning.
  2. Christmas themed colouring and crafts - take a look at our great range of stationary for pens pencils and cute notepads, also great for writing a note or drawing a picture to leave for Santa with your Christmas Eve Box.
  3. A Christmas Film in your Christmas Eve Box - Many families have a favourite Christmas film, from Miracle on 34th Street to The Muppet Christmas Carol. Pop one in that you know your children will love.
  4. Reindeer food made from environmentally friendly materials, bird seed is a good option. Add a touch of biodegradable or edible glitter for a touch of sparkle or some flower petal based wedding confetti for splashes of colour.
  5. A plate and cup for Santa’s biscuit and milk (Or mince pie and brandy to warm him up!). There are many different types of Santa plates available from wooden chopping boards engraved with your children’s names to painted ceramic plates. However, Santa may prefer one of our beautiful rainbow plates or hand painted fairtrade bowls. These are wonderfully bright and festive, kids will love putting them out, and maybe leaving a carrot for Rudolph by the side!
  6. Christmas chocolate treats - take a look at our Divine festive lollies or chocolate coins to add a sweet treat to your kids Christmas Eve.
  7. A special mug that only comes out for milk or hot chocolate before bed on Christmas Eve. Take a look at our great range of rainbow mugs or the enamel festive mug.
  8. A book for the bedtime story - A Firm favourite with many people is the magical Twas The Night Before Christmas, the story really sets a great atmosphere for children as they fall asleep.
  9. A soft toy - We stock a gorgeous range of soft toys and puppets from unicorns and princesses to crocodiles and foxes for children to play with, head over to the toy section and have a look.
  10. A Santa key - especially handy if you live in a house without a chimney or flat, you can pick up old-fashioned Mortice keys easily, pop them in the box then children can place them outside the front door so that Father Christmas can definitely get in.


A Christmas gift box doesn’t have to be just for children, you and your partner could make an adult one for each other to open to get you in the festive mood.

Our favourite Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults

  1. A Christmas Onesie and some Pachamama slipper socks - super cosy for an evening wrapping.
  2. A Pachamama throw, cosy up after all the wrapping is finished and keep away the cold night.
  3. A Christmas film - One of the classics such as Wonderful Life. Snuggle down as you get in the festive spirit.
  4. Chocolates - we have a fantastic range of different flavoured chocolates, all of which are organic, fair trade and delicious.
  5. Hot drinks to warm you up after finishing your last minute shopping, check out our lovely range of teas and hot chocolates.
  6. Mugs for your hot drinks - our rainbow range of cups and mugs are perfect for this.
  7. A scented candle to burn as you relax watching the “Carols from Kings”; or to have in your bathroom as you relax into a well-earned bath.
  8. A Wild Olive bath melt for a pamper as you wind down ready for the big day. If bath melts aren’t your thing we also have amazing bath tea bags and bath salts. All designed to pamper your skin and create amazing aromas. The best bit is they are all formulated using natural ingredients that will only be kind to you, and the planet.
  9. A game you can play as a family, we stock a variety of fantastic fun games, the classic Connect 4 and Ludo are available amongst many others.
  10. A small alcoholic beverage and one of our recycled glasses. If your partner does like a tipple pop in a miniature bottle of their favourite and a mixer if needed. Head over to our glassware section to find a special glass as an extra little something to make their Christmas Eve special.

Once your child has finished with their Christmas gift box, just before they go to bed make sure they put it somewhere specifically for Father Christmas to pick up and take with him back to the North Pole. Alongside his drink and snack is a perfect place. This way children know that he has it ready for next year. Each year you can fill it with new treats, however, some, like his key, the book, and plate and cup for Santa’s snack will remain the same. As your children grow different items can be placed in, such as family games and a kit to make a meal or bake and decorate a cake.

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