Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift?

Save yourself hours of research and find an eco-friendly, affordable and sustainable Christmas gifts here at Baba Me. We genuinely believe that everyone should spend less time looking for the perfect gift and spend more time with family and friends.

We've got all your Christmas presents covered, from the kids to the grandparents to friends to co-workers. Our selection of ethical, ecofriendly Christmas gifts include bamboo socks, Himalayan salt lamps, personal care products and more. Find and shop your perfect eco-friendly Christmas gift here at Baba Me!

The tradition of hanging a stocking stuffed with Christmas gifts on the fireplace originates from the story of St Nicholas. St Nicholas was a very kind man who gave Christmas gifts to the poor when they needed them.

One particular legend tells of a poor man who couldn’t afford a dowry for his daughters to marry. St Nicholas heard of this man’s troubles and dropped money down the chimney for each daughter to be able to marry. The money landed in stockings that had been hung up to dry. St Nicholas is also the origin of the popular figure Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

When looking for Christmas gifts ideas as stocking fillers for children or adults we are certain we’ve got you covered. These smaller present ideas are perfect to create a little hamper as your secret Santa Christmas gifts this year.

Christmas Gifts & Holiday Favourites: Stocking fillers for children

  1. Small wooden animals from Holztiger or Ostheimer.
  2. A Djeco Princess or Pirate
  3. Stationary, a cute owl or unicorn pencil will fit perfectly
  4. A small Grimms rainbow
  5. A Jack n Jill kids toothbrush - these are recyclable.
  6. A Plan toys mini instrument
  7. A Divine festive Chocolate Lolly
  8. A Wobbel Mini
  9. A Small Plan toys vehicle
  10. The Plan toys mini tin balancing cactus.

Xmas Day Presents: Stocking fillers for adults

  1. Handmade, natural soap from Agnes and cat
  2. A Wild Olive Bath Melt
  3. A gorgeous scented candle
  4. Pachamama hand warmers
  5. A pair of thought bamboo socks
  6. A Unicorn compact mirror
  7. A miniature rainbow keyring
  8. A small bar of chocolate from our fairtrade ethical selection
  9. A Miniature lip balm from our great range of natural organic products
  10. A tiny tin of Rugged Man beard and moustache wax.

Whether you’re buying for your significant other, your parents or your grandparents we’ve got you covered when it comes to Christmas gifts. We know that you put a lot of thought into your gift ideas and we believe that when you’re buying for your loved ones, the gifts you give them should be of the finest quality so they can be cherished.

When buying for her we’ve gathered some awesome Christmas gifts ideas for you to choose from. Take a look at the great smelling moisturisers and lip balms. All of these have been made from natural ingredients and have been specially formulated to ensure skin is left feeling renewed, soft and well hydrated.

We all love our homes to smell amazing. Have a perusal at the simply gorgeous candles, wax melts and reed diffusers we’ve gathered together, perfect as Christmas Gifts. Whether you’re buying gifts for a lady who likes soft floral fragrances or more vibrant fruity fragrances you’ll find plenty of options to choose between.

On these cold winter days, ladies suffer on school runs and shopping trips. Our hand knitted Pachamama range of jackets, hoodies and hand warmers will make that special someone smile each time they put on these extremely cosy items of clothing.

Our Christmas gifts for him are populated with items that are difficult to find anywhere else, this is what makes them special gifts. Our male grooming products are made from natural ingredients and have been specially formulated to ensure his skin is left clean, clear and soft. Help your special someone look after his skin, especially in these colder months when after shaving it can take a battering.

We also have a great range of hand knitted Pachamama jackets, hoodies and hand warmers for men. These are fleece lined and will ensure he stays warm on even the coldest of days.

In this handy section, we have gathered together products that we can guarantee are vegan-friendly and would make for special gifts. Many of these are also organic, ethically sourced, eco-friendly and made from natural ingredients.

Everyone needs socks as Christmas gifts but finding those that are guaranteed to be vegan-friendly can be difficult. The thought range of socks are made from bamboo, they are super soft and really keep your feet warm on a cold day.

The Pacifica range of beauty products has been specially formulated to ensure skin is left soft supple and looked after without using harsh chemicals. These products smell amazing and are presented in beautiful coloured, recyclable packaging that makes them an extra special gift.

Gift For Teachers

Arguably amongst the most important people in your child’s life are their teachers. They work long hours and ensure our children are looked after and supported throughout their school life.

Give them something amazing that you can say has been ethically sourced, and has been made using sustainable materials, what a perfect Christmas gift. From bamboo socks to beautiful smelling beauty products we’re certain you’ll be able to find something you know they’ll love as a Christmas gift.

Why not make them a small gift set using one of our rainbow mugs that they can keep in the staff room, put in some chocolate and some of our gorgeous Hoogly tea bags for a relaxing tea break.

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