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Cocoa Loco has been founded on the belief that great chocolate shouldn't cost the earth and should be made from scratch with care and passion. They want to bring life back into the art of chocolate making using only the very best ingredients without compromising on quality. Using a premium, single-origin organic cocoa bean as their base, they combine a number of organic ingredients to create a bar of smooth and creamy chocolate that is not overly sweet so you can taste what fine chocolate really tastes like!

Handmade in small batches by skilled chocolatier artisans, using single origin organic cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, which is fairtrade and quite simply, delicious sums up Cocoa Loco. Shop fairtrade chocolates today!

Ethically Produced Chocolate Treats from Cocoa Loco

Choosing organic is an easy choice to make if you want to make sure that your food does not contain potentially harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, additives, preservatives and petroleum derivatives. Organic chocolate is made using high quality ingredients free from all harmful chemicals mentioned. Cocoa beans used in making organic chocolate is grown through organic farming, which means cultivating the soil for cocoa trees without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Most big name chocolate brands use non-organic chocolate and contain additives like fructose corn syrup, artificial flavouring and colouring. So eating organic chocolate is not only good for our bodies but on the environment as well.

Cocoa Loco founders Sarah and Rory share Fairtrade’s vision of making cocoa farming sustainable so that cocoa farmers can better provide for themselves and their families. They make sure these farmers are paid fairly for their produce and have decent working conditions. Fairtrade set a fairtrade minimum as a safety net to protect small scale farmers in the event that cocoa bean prices plummet. Cocoa growers also get a fairtrade premium which goes directly to their community to fund social projects like schools, clinics, clean water supply and many more. These initiatives have already changed many lives and for the better. Hopefully, more and more companies join Fairtrade’s mission to improve the lives of farmers and growers from impoverished regions of the world. Buying fairtrade chocolate means the cocoa farmers are paid a premium for their cocoa. This allows farmers to invest in community projects, helping the poorest communities climb out of poverty.

Our Cocoa Loco Chocolate Collection

From chocolate buttons to chocolate advent calendars, we have an amazing collection of organic and fairtrade chocolates from award winning chocolate makers, Cocoa Loco. Our Cocoa Loco chocolate advent calendar (available in 2 variants) and Cocoa Loco Organic Milk Chocolate Santas are perfect to set a festive mood during the yuletide season. We also stock Cocoa Loco milk chocolate buttons which are made using the finest single origin beans in the Dominican Republic. Scrumptious enough to satisfy the most discerning chocolate lover. Fairtrade certified and organic chocolate, the ingredients will ensure these make a perfect chocolate treat (The ingredients are just sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, vanilla powder).

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Cocoa Loco organic chocolates. You can eat them right out of the packaging or you can melt these Cocoa Loco chocolates in milk to make delicious hot chocolate. Cocoa Loco dark chocolate buttons are also suitable for vegans and their white chocolate button are just divine.

Cocoa Loco is a popular organic chocolate brand based in Sussex, UK. Their scrumptious chocolates are made from fairtrade and organic cocoa beans and come in eco-friendly recyclable packaging. Many people love Cocoa Loco. Not only for their chocolatey delights but also for their commitment to our environment and fairtrade and ethical trading practices.


Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world. About 90% of the world’s cacao trees, where chocolate comes from, are grown on small family-owned farms in developing regions of the world. These farmers are highly dependent on growing and selling cocoa beans for their living. Growing cacao trees is a hard job. They are some of the world’s most sensitive crops which means farmers need to protect them from unwanted insects, weeds and weather elements. To meet industry demands, some of these farmers end up using chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides which disrupt local biodiversity and contaminate the soil. Moreover, due to low pay they cannot afford proper protective gear when handling these toxic chemicals so they are putting their lives at risk. The sad truth is these farmers are paid very little for their hard work.

Cocoa Loco sources their cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. Through Fairtrade, they are able to make a difference to the lives of small cacao farmers in the country. Farmers are paid a Fairtrade premium which is an additional sum of money that goes into the farmer’s communal fund. The money is then used for developmental initiatives like schools, clinics, better drinking water sources and many more.

Cocoa bean prices are unpredictable and to make sure farmers are earning a livable wage, they are paid either a Fairtrade minimum or commercial price, whichever is higher.

Through these initiatives, farmers are able to work in decent working conditions and provide better living standards to their families. They are also able to explore more environmentally-friendly and sustainable farming methods of growing cacao trees.


Cocoa Loco believes going organic is the way to go. It’s not only better for the environment but also for chocolate lovers. By going organic, they are working with nature. This means the ingredients they are using to make their scrumptious chocolates have been produced to the highest standards. They do not use artificial flavours and preservatives. They also adhere to the highest standard of animal welfare.

Choosing organic means fewer to no pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Cacao is one of the most heavily sprayed crops so chocolate should be organic to avoid these harmful chemicals.

Cocoa Loco is so passionate about chocolates that they make them in small batches as opposed to big name chocolates that are mass-produced.

Going organic is better for the farmers themselves. They are encouraged to use sustainable farming methods and avoid using chemicals instead. They are no longer exposed to these harmful chemicals which are often linked to several human health conditions.

As consumers, we can use our wallets to support businesses who are committed to Fairtrade practices and providing farmers decent working conditions. So the next time you have a chocolate craving, satisfy your guilty pleasure with fairtrade and organic chocolates.

People love chocolate. It has been around for thousands of years but it remained one of the most popular foods in the world simply because it is delicious. It is also one of the most versatile delicacies because you can prepare and eat it in a variety of ways.

Chocolate comes in a wide range of flavours and has many health benefits. Chocolate prices vary depending on the type of chocolate and the brand. Not all chocolates are created equal. Some chocolates are better than others in terms of overall taste and quality of ingredients. You actually do not have to buy expensive luxury chocolates to indulge your guilty pleasure. There are many chocolatiers who make scrumptious chocolates for an affordable price. One of these chocolate artisans is Cocoa Loco.

Cocoa Loco is a UK-based chocolate brand known for their handmade chocolates made from the finest organic and fairtrade ingredients. People from Cocoa Loco make their chocolates in batches to make sure each chocolate delight is made with care and 100% chocolatey goodness. They have a wide selection of chocolates for all tastes and preferences. So why should you eat Cocoa Loco chocolates?

Cocoa Loco Chocolates are Healthy and Delicious

Organic chocolates are better than regular chocolate. Cacao trees, where chocolate comes from, is one of the most sensitive and highly sprayed crops. This means that regular chocolate is made from conventional-grown cocoa. Spraying chemicals to kill unwanted weeds and insects could have adverse effects on biodiversity and could contribute to soil contamination.

Furthermore, regular chocolate contains huge quantities of high-fructose corn syrup or HFCS and other added sugars. Excessive amounts of these ingredients could potentially lead to serious health conditions like diabetes and poor nutrition.

Choosing organic is healthier because organic means using ingredients that are grown using sustainable methods with no use of harmful chemicals like pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. By eating organic chocolates you support environmental initiatives for the good of our planet as well as the well-being of farmers.

Aside from using organic ingredients, Cocoa Loco does not add artificial flavours and preservatives to their chocolates.

We particularly love their Dark Chocolate buttons for their heavenly taste. Most people do not like dark chocolate because of its bitter taste but this one isn’t that bitter. Some people find them too sweet but you can still enjoy them in moderation. We also use 3 or 4 dark chocolate buttons plus a cube of sugar to make a rich chocolate drink.

Cocoa Loco Chocolates are Fairtrade

About 90% of all cocoa beans are grown on small family-owned farms in developing regions of the world. Unfortunately, farmers are paid too little for a job that requires too much work and putting their health at risk. They are dependent on their income from growing and selling cocoa beans to provide for their families. Due to labor shortages and high demands, farmers end up using farming methods that are bad for them and the environment.

Fairtrade is making things better for cocoa farmers. With Fairtrade, they are paid with a premium which is an additional sum of money that goes into their communal funds. These funds are then used for initiatives like schools, clinics, better water supply and many more. This also allows farmers to use sustainable farming methods for growing their crops.

Cocoa Loco uses cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. Through Fairtrade, they are committed to making the lives of farmers better, making sure they are paid a living wage and have decent working conditions.

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