Que Collapsible Water Bottle

Que collapsible water bottles

The Que Collapsible water bottle has been perfectly designed for your everyday travel adventures. Keeping you hydrated whatever you choose to drink while being lightweight and easy to carry.

The name Que comes from the word queue and relates to “next in line to take action”. And their aim is to be part of the solution, encouraging people to take action on behalf of the planet.

Despite re-usable water bottles becoming more commonplace millions of single-use water bottles are still purchased and thrown away every day. Most are not recycled, and they are not designed to be safe to be reused.

Que water bottles are made from food-grade silicone (not plastic) which is non-toxic and safe at both high and low temperatures, and the lids are made of stainless steel. Not only does this make them safe for people and the planet, but they are easy to clean and recyclable.


A patented spiral design allows you to collapse your water bottle to half the size. Simply take off the cap to expand or collapse your bottle, and easily store it in your handbag, pocket, rucksack or anywhere else.

You can still use it when it’s collapsed. The larger bottle holds 235ml (an 8oz coffee) when it’s collapsed, and the smaller bottle holds 150ml. And just because it’s collapsible doesn’t mean your Que bottle is flimsy. The mouthpiece is embedded with stainless steel so it’s easy to fill and to drink from, and it’s wide enough for ice-cubes..


You can use for hot drinks as well as cold, so if you happen to leave the house without your travel mug you can still get a takeaway coffee. Just be aware that they are not insulated so they don’t recommend you using for drinks over 60 degrees as you risk burning your hand.

That being said silicone can handle temperatures up to 230 degrees meaning you can put them in the dishwasher or boil them to sterilise, very handy if you are travelling.

Silicon can also handle very cold temperatures, so if you like you can freeze your Que bottle and use it as an ice pack. Just be aware that water does expand when you freeze it so don’t fill the bottle completely before you pop it in the freezer.

Because silicone is flexible and lightweight it’s perfect for carrying with you whether you are travelling or not. It’s shockproof, meaning if it gets dropped either in the playground or on a hiking trail, it’s unlikely to be damaged. And because it’s flexible you don’t have the issue of a hard plastic or steel bottle being uncomfortable to carry.


Que bottles haven’t just been designed with practicality and durability in mind. So while they are easy to use, leak-proof, shockproof, easy to clean, and great for all the family, Que bottles look great too.

Sleek, on-trend and available in a great range of colours there’s no need to compromise on style to save the planet or have a practical water bottle you can use every day.

Next up… how to clean collapsible water bottle.

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