Creating a Hygge Environment Using Sofa Throws

How can you create a Hygge environment in your home using cosy sofa throws, candles and other accessories and enjoy more of life's simple pleasures no matter what is going on in the world outside?

What is Hygge?

Hygge, a Danish word that implies a sense of cosiness, wellbeing, and contentedness through lifestyle choice. It’s choosing cosy sofa throws, and soft cushions, cuddling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. It’s a cosy feeling or a special moment with friends, requiring a certain slowness and being present to recognise the enjoyment in simple things.

There is no one word in the English language that directly translates the word Hygge. It can be translated as a feeling or the acknowledgement and enjoyment of a feeling. But it can also be translated as an art form or the creative practise of creating intimacy either with people, with yourself, or an atmosphere of intimacy in the home.

With so many short dark days the idea of Hygge, of creating a special cosy place in your home or sharing a delicious hot drink with friends is a way of inviting in and acknowledging the simple moments of happiness that it is possible to experience every day. And it is amazing how much being in the present moment and recognising the joy of it can life the spirit.

Hygge is about creating little rituals in your daily life. Lighting a candle every evening and making a pot of your favourite tea. Treating your self to fresh flowers. And turing the mundane into a beautiful experience to be treasured and enjoyed.

Using Throws and Other Accessories to Bring More Hygge Into Your Life

Soft furnishings and other home accessories are a great way of updating your home as well as creating a beautiful atmosphere. It’s amazing the difference a cosy sofa throw and a salt lamp can make to pretty much any corner of your home and the difference that creating that cosy corner, that little bit of hygge, can have on your general wellbeing.

Warm blankets and candlelight are a great way to create a hygge home. They invite you to take time out, to cuddle up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea rather than putting on the TV or getting distracted with an endless to do list.

Having a fluffy throw on the back of your chair invites you to cuddle down and relax rather than just perching on the edge waiting to get up and get going again. And it’s these moments when we take life a little more slowly that we experience the moments of calm, connection and joy that are ours the taking.

You can also use sofa throws and cushions to turn any corner of your home into a cosy hang out area that invites you in. Or have a basket of throws and blankets ready to take outside and extend those long summer evenings with friends.


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