Creative Ways Kids Can Learn Math Without Even Realizing

Learning comes naturally for kids while they're playing. Play is the first form of education most children experience and they learn easily with the use of toys. For example, teaching kids basic math concepts like counting can be done through the introduction of math toys. Math toys make learning about basic maths fun and easy.

Tips to Teach Basic Math Concepts

By introducing children to the very basic math concepts in play, it can help the child visualise what is happening in his head and relate it to the learning materials. Children learn more effectively when they are engaged and trying to figure things out for themselves.

Here are some strategies to do that: Play with you child and count together. If he’s playing his favourite blocks, count blocks with the same colour or count those that are coloured differently.

When you introduce a new topic, you want to be sure that the child is ready. Start with simpler lessons until the child can successfully complete them on her own. Watch the child's interest in the topic and push it further if she shows interest. It's important to monitor the child's progress so that the child isn't overloaded with information.

Tips to Make Learning Math Fun

Learning math through play can make the entire experience fun and exciting for your child. Sure, you can teach basic math facts to kids by simply giving them some basic toys, but there are other ways you can do the same thing.

For example, you can guide your child on how to play and incorporate math concepts in their play. If your child is learning how to draw and write, you can ask him to draw shapes and count how many sides or corners the shape has. Or you can ask him to build or arrange his blocks in alternating colours so that he will be familiar with patterns.

When you walk with your child to the park, use your surroundings to teach simple math lessons. Ask your child to count how many trees she sees or how many cars of a certain colour can she see.

Play and teach, just as you used to do when they were younger. Create a puzzle with them, such as making out of a piece of paper a boat that has a lot of holes in it and let them count the holes.

Use toys

One of the most fun ways to introduce math to children is to use math toys. This way, learning can happen intuitively. Kids will actually want to do the math on their own, especially if they are having fun while doing it.

There are many math toys you can buy depending on what math concepts you want to teach your children. Numbered building blocks and number trays are great for counting and developing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and spatial awareness. Sorting toys are fantastic for recognising patterns. Picture books depicting numbers and shapes are a fun way to tell your bedtime stories.


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