If it was up to us, our children would never grow up and our shopping lists would forever be filled with a heap of beautiful wooden toys (among other things of course). However, the truth is, they are growing up a lot faster than we would like and with them slowly developing into adults, it is our job as their parent to support them on this journey.

After helping them through pre-school and school, puberty is next on the list and to be honest, it is probably the most feared developmental stages of all. After all, this is where all the magic happens, this is when our children physically and mentally turn into adults. So many changes, so many hormones and so many things to consider!

The age children start puberty differs, of course. But there are recent studies that suggest the onset of puberty happens at an increasingly early age. Some girls starting as young as 8 years and some boys only being one year behind with a starting age of 9 years.

One of the many and often one of the first physical changes of puberty is the development of body odour. Every parent expects their children to start using deodorant when they are in their teens. However, in a lot of cases, our kids might wish to start wearing deodorant way before their 13th birthday. When the time comes for your little one, you don't have to worry about harmful and toxic ingredients entering their developing bodies through their armpits. Thankfully there are a number of different effective natural deodorants that are completely safe for children and teens.

deodorant for kids, natural deodorant, organic deodorant

Organic Deodorant vs Conventional Deodorant

When it comes to our kids we want to make sure to make the best possible choices for their body. When choosing their first skin care items and deodorants you will probably read all the labels to identify the most gentle and natural products. After all, their bodies are still growing and we want to make sure they are nourished with the best ingredients organic beauty products have to offer.

So when you are comparing organic deodorant with conventional sprays and roll-ons there are a few things you will notice straight away. Very common ingredients in regular antiperspirants are aluminium and parabens. While aluminium is known to prevent sweating by blocking the sweat glands, parabens are commonly used as preservatives in beauty and skin care products.

Among others, those ingredients actually disrupt the natural way the human body is designed to work. This alteration in combination with the toxins (e.g. aluminium) entering the body has been linked to serious health conditions such as cancer. Furthermore, all these toxins will over time cause the body to sweat even more in an attempt to actually rid itself of them. If your kid already started using conventional deodorant and would like to make the switch to a natural alternative, they might experience a detox period. Read HERE what to expect and what you can do to help them through it!

deodorant for kids, natural deodorant, organic deodorant

Gentle & safe natural deodorants for kids

Baba Me's range of natural deodorants is completely free of aluminium and other harmful ingredients. So no matter which of our brands you choose you can be sure that it will be a safe option for your teen or pre-teen.

One of our long-time favourite deodorants is the Warrior Botanicals Deodorant Cream. It uses a combination of active natural ingredients, like clove and essential oils to reduce body odour without clocking up any pores. Through the addition of shea butter and different plant oils, the deodorant cream is extremely gentle on young sensitive skin. While young boys will probably prefer the more masculine woody scent of the Rosemary & Cedarwood cream, young teen-girls tend to favour the Lavender Geranium. If you would like to avoid essential oils entirely, the Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant is just as effective without the use of any essential oils. Are you looking for an environmentally friendly option as well, you will be delighted to hear that the Warrior Botanical Deo Creams are packaged entirely plastic-free?

A great and gentle alternative to the deodorant creams is the Eco by Sonya Coco Deodorant. This is a roll-on, which is used just like any conventional roll-on deodorant you buy in your local supermarket. Instead of being filled with many harmful ingredients, the coco deodorant only uses gentle and mainly organic ingredients to help prevent body odour. The very faint scent of coconut means it is equally suitable for both, boys and girls!

The latest addition to our deodorant range is the Ben & Anna Natural Vegan Deodorant. As well as being packaged without plastic the deodorant stick is also vegan. Bicarbonate of soda and arrowroot powder keep your teen dry and fresh without any of the nasty side-effects of regular deodorant. In terms of fragrances, the Ben & Anna range is probably our most fun deodorant brand. Together you can choose from seven different scents ranging from the entirely scent-free PURE to the more adventurous PERSIAN LIME or INDIAN MANDARINE. So while the taste and preferences of your child will certainly change more than once throughout puberty - Ben & Anna will have you covered!

No need to fret the sweat

Puberty is probably the most challenging time during a child's but also a parent's life. It is hard to let go of the babies they once were and support them in their journey to adulthood. Especially, when all they seem to want is to get away from us.

While we might not be able to take all their worries away, we are able to give them information, tools and knowledge even if it's just in the form of an all-natural deodorant they can count on!