Designing a Man’s Skincare Routine

Men's Toiletries

Despite the fact that skincare is just as important for men as it is for women, many men have very little in the way of toiletries and don’t follow any kind of skincare routine.

Many men feel they don’t have the time, don’t see the benefit or literally don’t know where to start when it comes to skincare and men's toiletries. And yet a simple skincare routine is easy to follow, takes very little time and will have visible effects that are sure to make you feel good.

A basic skincare routine

A basic skincare routine will involve cleansing and moisturising as well as using an eye cream and sun protection.


Cleansing is the starting point to your routine and essential to having great skin. You can use a traditional cleanser or opt for an oil based cleanser like the Lyonsleaf beauty balm (which is a great option if you want to minimise the number of products you use as this doubles as your moisturiser).

Cleansing will get rid of dirt, pollution, sweat, oil and dead skin build up on the surface of the skin and you need to do this first before you do anything else.

Cleansing should be done in the morning and evening with a more thorough cleanse in the evening to remove the build up of dirt from the day. A gentler cleanse in the morning also supports your skins natural functions as it regenerates itself at night. Those with very dry skin may find they are better cleansing only once a day in the evening and just rinsing their face with a splash of water in the morning.

The temperature of the water is also important when cleansing your face. You want the water to be warm but not too hot as this can lead to redness and tightness of the skin.

Once a week you should also exfoliate your skin either buy using a dedicated exfoliator, a muslin cloth or a soft facial brush.


Toning helps to balance your skin and bring it back to it’s natural PH after cleansing. Rose water is a popular natural cleanser or you can buy a specially designed toner and just use it to spritz your face.


After you have cleansed, whether morning or evening, you need to moisturise. If you have decided to try the oil cleansing method using the beauty balm you can use a little extra of the balm if you need to. Otherwise you should get a dedicated face cream.

For day time use you might want a cream that has an SPF as this will protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Or you can choose to use a separate SPF. You can also choose to use a different cream at night which might be especially useful if you have dry skin as you can choose a richer cream.

Eye Cream

This is possibly not an essential step but it comes highly recommended as the delicate skin around your eyes needs something a little different to the rest of your face. A good eye cream will reduce dark circles and puffiness and make you look and feel great as well.


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