Developmental Toys for 6 Month Old Baby

All parents want to do what’s best for their kids, and sometimes, even the best-intentioned parents don’t realize the importance of certain developmental toys for 6 month old babies.

Developmental toys are important tools to help your baby’s cognitive, physical and emotional growth. These toys are designed to promote development and learning at an early age.

Each development toy promotes acquiring specific skills and knowledge. These toys can greatly compliment your baby’s development at 6 months old. Various toys stimulate baby’s senses such as touch, hearing and sight while others help to develop the mental or gross motor skills that are critical for a developing baby.

So let’s take a look at some of the most common and effective developmental toys for babies aged 6 months.

Building Blocks

Playing with building blocks has been one of baby’s favorite activities for generations, and for good reason. Playing with these toys has been shown to have many other benefits that go beyond building towers and bridges.

Blocks can help develop a wide range essential skills. When a baby stacks blocks on top of each other, he’s refining his fine motor skills, dexterity as well as hand eye coordination. Most building blocks for babies are colourful. This is particularly good for visual stimulation and colour recognition.

Playing with blocks also helps children recognise shapes and understand their spatial relationships. They’ll also start to improve their memory and develop early problem solving skills.

Musical Toys

Musical toys are good for babies. Any toy that produces pleasant sounds and music is great for auditory stimulation.

It’s recommended to choose a simple musical instrument made for babies rather than a musical toy that produces sound with just a push of a button.

Musical instruments for babies require them to hold and manipulate them to create sounds. This is good exercise and would help improve your baby’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Stacking Toys

Stacking toys like stacking cups are another set of toys that are good for early learning and development. Playing with these toys allow babies the opportunity to improve their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. They will also understand spatial relationships and develop problem solving skills.

Stacking toys on top of each other and knocking them over afterwards will help babies understand cause and effect.

Soft Toys

Soft toys are among the most popular toys for children of all ages. And they bring a lot of benefits in terms of early development. They provide comfort and a sense of companionship for babies. And depending on the materials of the soft toy, it can also be good for sensory play.

These toys are also one of the earliest role play toys a baby can have. You’d be surprised to see your baby talk to her soft toy and try to feed it with one of her toys. That’s how role play usually works and it starts at an early age.

Picture Books

Picture books are also good toys to have around. They’re good for bedtime storytelling which helps with your baby’s communication and language skills.

There are all kinds of picture books for babies. You can buy ones with bright and colourful illustrations. Some picture books even include fabrics of different textures which is great for sensory stimulation.


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