With woven baby wraps and baby slings from DIDYMOS you can always carry your baby close to you baby wearing with DidySling, Didymos and DidiTai.

Didymos Woven Wraps & Baby Slings

For more than 40 years, parents have trusted in Didymos Woven Baby Wraps. The idea of carrying a child with a wraparound sling was born out of necessity and has now become a part of everyday life for many parents.

Made and designed in Germany, these gorgeous slings are made from natural untreated fabric like organic cotton so they are completely safe for both parent and baby. They are also hugely versatile which allows for various carrying positions while providing ample support and comfort to the wearer and baby. These Didymos woven wraps and baby slings are easy to use, handy and perfect for everyday use.

Didymos Sling Sizes

Didymos sling baby wraps come in 8 sizes, the larger the size the longer the wrap. The wrap length you’ll need depends on the carrying method you choose as well as on your own size.

Size Carry Method
2 Craddle or Hip Carry
3 Back Carry
4 Kangaroo Carry
5 Cross Carry
6 & 7 Wrap Cross Carry

For body size 14 (GB) / 12 (US) and above we recommend Wrap Size 7.

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