Different Kinds of Role Play Toys

Role play toys are fantastic toys for early learning and development. These toys provide hours of fun play time and also promotes learning in so many ways. Children love playing role play toys because these toys give them freedom to choose what type of games and activities they want to play.

Many experts also agree that using the role play gives children the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills including problem solving, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and more. Using the imagination regularly while having fun allows children to learn to assess and solve problems on their own. These need to learn this skill because they will be faced with many problems and challenges, big or small, when they grow older and become less dependent on their parents.

Children often copy or imitate the actions of their parents. And this activity becomes a huge part of their imaginative play. It should not come as a surprise that role play toys are widely popular around the world. Additionally, there are many kinds of role play toys. Let’s take a closer look at these role play toys.


Many little children dream of becoming a princess or prince or perhaps a fairy because most children's stories in different forms of media revolve around fantasy creatures. There are also many subcategories of fantasy role play toys which include princes, princesses, queens, kings, fairies, witches and more. Superheroes and superheroines also belong to this category. With the huge popularity of superheroes and fairy tales, fantasy role play toys are probably the most popular.


Children love to imitate their parents and one of the things children see that parents do is cook food for the entire family. This is the reason why role play toys that involve cooking are popular. Toy kitchens and play food are such a hit among children. They can cook meals for their dolls, friends and even family. They can also experiment with different ingredients and come up with exciting recipes of their own. Plus, playing with these toys helps children develop a healthy relationship with food. They will understand how food is prepared, where they come from and why they should be eating their vegetables and fruits.

Doctor Sets

Doctor play sets are good role play toys as well. These playsets allow children to discover their nurturing side and learn more about the human body. Most doctor play sets come with a doctor’s bag filled with common medical instruments like thermometer, otoscope, bandages and more. These playsets also help encourage your children to pursue a career in the medical field.

Play Shops & Toy Market Stalls

Play shops and toy market stalls are fun role play toys. Children can play as vendors at a farmer’s market or a grocer. A cash till which can be part of a set or can be purchased separately is a good toy to teach children about money and basic math.


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