Different Kinds of Wooden Baby Toys

Wooden baby toys are amazing toys. These toys are durable, have a timeless appeal, simple and fun to play with. They are eco-friendly too, which is a huge plus because our planet is already littered with a lot of plastic waste and we should not be adding any more to these waste. There is definitely something sweet and nice about wooden baby toys.

Let us take a look at the different kinds of wooden toys for babies.


A wooden rattle is probably one of the most popular wooden toys for babies. It is the first toy most babies will have. Rattles are definitely good toys to entertain a baby when she is bored or distract her during her mealtime. Wooden rattles have been around for many centuries and although their design has changed over the years, their entertainment and developmental value have not changed.

Most wooden rattles are good for early development. These toys come in vibrant colours which is good for sensory development and colour recognition.Our world is made of different colours so being able to identify different colours is a very important developmental milestone.

Additionally, rattles produce pleasant sounds when shaken or rolled. Babies are easily attracted to sounds so if you demonstrate how to shake a rattle to make it produce sounds, your baby will definitely try to copy your action. This activity is good for a baby’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as well as auditory stimulation.

Teething Ring and Teething Toys

Wooden teething rings and teething toys are definitely not necessary, but they come in handy to distract and even relieve discomfort during a baby’s teething process. Teething can be a painful and uncomfortable process for babies. Most of them become more irritable and more cranky than usual.

There are many ways to deal with teething to make it more easy for both baby and parent. Some parents give their babies something to chew on like wooden teething rings or teething toys. These toys are designed to be chewed on to relieve pressure in the gums and lessen the discomfort of babies.

Building Blocks

Wooden building blocks are amazing toys to give to your baby once she reaches late infancy or early toddlerhood. Many child experts recommend these toys because of their entertainment and developmental value. These toys are also what they call open ended toys, which means there is no one way to play them and babies have the freedom to create something from their imagination to demonstrate their creativity. The simplicity of these toys also add to their value as educational toys. Some building blocks even come with printed letters which is a fun way to teach children the letters of the alphabet.

Wooden Musical Toys

Wooden musical toys are also good toys for babies. These are toys for auditory stimulation as well as for developing dexterity, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Wooden maracas and tambourine are only two of the most popular wooden musical toys for babies. These toys are similar to rattles.


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