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All Natural Reed Diffusers Packed with Essential Oils

Reed diffusers are great for delivering a constant fragrance making them perfect for a bathroom or entrance hall so you get a lovely scent to greet you when you come home. Plus you can regulate the level of scent by changing the number of reeds and quickly add a burst of fragrance by turning over the reeds for an instant refresh.

Natural Scent Diffuser

Shop our gorgeous range of natural reed diffusers from Agnes and Cat and Wild Oilve. These beautiful diffusers will look great in your bedroom, bathroom, hallway or anywhere else in your home. And give a subtle fragrance for months. Perfect to welcome you home after a long day or just a quick trip to the shops. 

The Wild Olive reed diffusers come in simple elegant glass jars and make a very attractive addition to your living room, bathroom or hallway. The white fig is a subtle refined fragrance which will gently scent your home. The combination of cranberry and orange gives a welcoming festive scent full of ripe fruit and citrus, or the clementine, which is fresh zesty and just a little sweet.

The natural fragrances come from pure essential oils rather than chemicals meaning they aren't overpowering. And you can choose the level of fragrance you need for the room by adjusting the number of diffuser sticks used. We recommend starting with half and adding or taking away until you find the perfect balance.

Packaged in printed hessian bags they make a lovely gift and the perfect alternative to bath treats or chocolates or add one to a wild olive soap, bath bombs or natural body lotions for a personalised gift basket.

h2>Gorgeous Natural Incense to Fragrance your Home

Burning incense cones or sticks is a great way to quickly fragrance large spaces and the incense smoke also adds to the atmosphere. Incense is also great for burning outside to give an authentic exotic fragrance when you are dining or relaxing in the garden.


The little sticks and cones give off just the right amount of fragrance to scent your home without being overpowering and the mixed set has a really great variety allowing you to mix and match according to your mood.