Dinosaur Toys

Thankfully, real dinosaurs aren't something we have to contend with so our little ones have to make do with imaginative play with dinosaur models instead.

Fun Time with Dinosaurs

We have a great range of wooden dinosaur toys as well as dinosaur puzzles and even a dinosaur train set and lots of dinosaur track accessories to keep little dinosaur fans entertained.

Holztiger do a fantastic range of dinosaur toys that always fly out as soon as we get them in stock! So we are confident that these would go down a treat with your little dinosaur enthusiast. There are the regular favourites of the tyrannosaurus rex, brontosaurus, stegosaurus (who apparently had a brain the size of a walnut) and triceratops (try spelling those after a few too many sleepless nights) as well as parasaurolophus, spinosaurus and pachycephalosaurus. Nope, we have no idea how to pronounce them either but we do know that they are wonderful toys for any little dinosaur fan.

The great thing about the Holztiger toys, like the rest of the Holztiger range, is their sturdy, wooden construction. It makes them sustainable as well as durable, toys that will be loved by sibling after sibling. They are lovely and chunky which makes them perfect for little hands to hold and you will be amazed at just how much children are drawn in by these simple- looking wooden figures.

Dinosaurs roamed the earth from about 230 million years ago to approximately 65 million years ago. They lived on earth for about 160 million years whereas humans have only been on earth about 2.5 million years. We love how the Grimms toys such as the fire and caves work with the Holztiger toys, capturing the raw, rough landscape in which the dinosaurs might have roamed. Holztiger and Ostheimer both do a range of wooden trees that would work perfectly.

There is nothing terrible about the Bigjigs Dinosaur Railway Wooden Train Set. It combines two things that nearly all children love, dinosaurs and trains! Children can get creative and slot the pieces together to create their own railway, incorporating an active volcano and scenery including some dinosaurs. The great thing about the Bigjigs railways is that they come with lots of great additional accessories and are also compatible with most other brands of wooden train sets. The train and carriages connect magnetically which is great for little hands and is great for teaching them about magnets and how they work and there is a specific dinosaur engine and carriage set that can be purchased to add to the dino fun.

For any little ones that are not quite evolved enough yet for a train set but want to get in on the mobile dinosaur action, we have a lovely toys pull along, also by Bigjgs. It is great for encouraging little ones to find their feet and they enjoy pulling their little pet along behind them! As with all Bigjigs toys, this pull along dino is made of quality, durable materials and is lovely and sturdy so able to withstand a lot of love. We love Bigjigs wooden toys for this reason- all of their toys are made from sustainable materials. Great care is taken in the manufacture of the toys to ensure that they are top quality and will last for years. Bigjigs are passionate about imaginative play and this is obvious from the attention to detail and thought that has gone into all their toys, from sourcing materials to design and the finished product.

For older dinosaur fans, why not take a look at our fabulous Artisan Fair dinosaur figure made from repurposed bicycle chains. This is a Fair Trade item which will provide a great talking point with your older child too, encouraging conversation about the environment and things that we can all do to improve the world around us. Not too many people will have a dinosaur model made in India from recycled bicycle chains and so it will be a real focal point and conversation starter in the room of any teenager- and beyond!

What does a triceratops sit on? It's Tricerabottom. You. Are. Welcome. We reckon that's the kind of dino joke most little paleontologists will enjoy- just like they will enjoy the gorgeous range from Floss and Rock.

What child doesn't love some messy art play? And what parent absolutely does not love the mess that comes with it? We have the solution- the Floss & Rock tabard. This tabard is reversible, with a different dinosaur print on each side, so great value. You'll not have any trouble persuading your little dino dude or dudette to cover up to paint when the cover up is as roarsome as this.

Floss and Rock create play things that children want to play with- they know what children like and make really stunning products. Their dinosaur tails are beautifully made, come in a choice of two colours and have an adjustable waistband, meaning that they will grow with your child. Perfect for hours of imaginative play. And they look adorable.

The Floss and Rock Dinosaur Balancing Game with Dice is a 20 piece balancing game that can be played in two different ways- either taking turns to balance the pieces, or rolling the dice to dictate which colour piece must be balanced next. A child's toy this may be, but be warned, it is surprisingly addictive for the older family members too! We love it as it has lots of dinosaur imagery and colours to keep little dinosaur fans happy, and while they play they are learning about different shapes and balance- and patience for when they topple the game over and have to start again! It will also look lovely stored on a shelf in even the most stylish of bedrooms.

Another aesthetically pleasing and well thought out toy from Floss and Rock is the magnetic jigsaw. This is a 25 piece puzzle suitable for ages three and up. The jigsaw pieces are magnetised to stick to their metal storage tray, meaning that this toy makes a perfect travel companion. Long car journeys, meals out, no more bored children when you can have this puzzle on hand.

For older dinosaur enthusiasts, the Djeco Dinosaurs Observation Puzzle is a great gift. It is a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, so challenging enough to keep them occupied and scratching their heads, but thankfully not from giant ticks. The puzzle features an array of different dinosaurs so great for encouraging conversation and letting your paleontologist-in-training show off their dino knowledge. It also comes with a booklet full of dinosaur information which is sure to be a big hit.

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