DIY Toy Garage Ideas

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Most children love toy cars. Toy cars are fun toys to play on their own. But they are more fun with accessories like toy garages.

Toy garages are some of the most popular toy car accessories. They are simple toys but they make playing with toy cars more fun and exciting. They come in a wide selection of styles, colours, sizes and their prices vary depending on their features and materials. You can buy them from toy stores.

You donít necessarily have to buy one for your child but if heís really into cars like most little children, chances are youíre going to have to get him a toy garage. Fortunately, they are fairly simple to make and the materials to make one are accessible and widely available.

Why make a DIY toy garage?

Building your own DIY toy garage is a wonderful idea. It can help your children discover the creative part of their brain. And they can work with their imagination and create something amazing even as simple as a toy garage. Plus, simple DIY projects are great opportunities for you and your child to bond with each other.

Gather your supplies and materials

Making your own toy garage only requires simple and readily available materials and supplies. The main material you need is cardboard. You can buy them from hobby shops or use old cardboard boxes like shoeboxes and unused cereal boxes.

A toy garage may be simple to make but you still need to make a few individual parts. For instance, you need a post if you plan to make a toy garage with more than one level. And to put everything together you need a glue gun.

Next, you need something to mark the roads, ramps, parking lots and design the toy garage. For this youíll need colouring pens or water colour. Choose something that is non-toxic and safe for children.

Start your project

Start the project by making a layout of the end product. You need to determine the design, how many levels the toy garage will have and how many parking spaces you need. Doing so can make the entire process easy and simple.

Cut your cardboard box on the seams and in the middle to make 2 pieces of cardboard sheets (first floor and second floor). Make 4 pieces of cardboard tubes and glue them to each corner of the base cardboard sheet. If you donít have enough cardboard for the tubes, you can use toilet paper tubes instead. Glue the other sheet (second floor) to the cardboard tubes. Now, you have a 2-storey parking garage.

You can also use small rectangular boxes as posts. Instead of 4 posts using cardboard tubes, you only need 2 small rectangular posts that you need to glue to each side of the cardboard sheet.

Once youíre done, start marking the parking spaces, ramps and roads using crayons or coloured pens. You can also cut thin strips of white paper and use them as markings, itís entirely up to you and your child. Use your childís toy cars as a guide to measure each parking slot.

Ask your child if he wants a helipad and mark the landing on the top floor of your toy garage.

Cut 2 rectangles from your cardboard box and attach them to your toy garage. These will be the ramp of your toy garage and mark one ramp with the up sign and down for the other.

Let your child finish your toy garage project with his own designs and additional markings.

This is just one example of a DIY toy garage and there are still plenty of wonderful ideas out there. All you need to do is search!

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