Djeco Toys for Older Children

Djeco Crafts, Toys and Puzzles for Older Children

It can be hard sometimes to find toys for older children that still appeal to our ideals, and actually encourage them to be creative and engaged away from a screen. Djeco has some amazingly creative and imaginative offerings that will hopefully inspire older children to keep engaging their imaginations, have fun and learn through play.

Djeco Puzzles

Djeco has a great range of puzzles that go from 2 pieces to 1000 pieces, meaning there is an option for everyone. Puzzles are great for engaging the parts of the brain that are used in problem solving, memory and visual-spatial reasoning. These skills we need and continue to hone our entire lives, so they are perfect for people of all ages.

Puzzles are also great for mindfulness, they’re a great way to take a bit of time out, focus the mind, and engage the brain in a different way. Some surprising benefits also include increased productivity and better attention to detail.

The best thing about Djeco’s puzzles is how beautiful the images are. Depending on the age of your child you can choose puzzles with more or fewer pieces to stretch them just the right amount. We really love the shaped puzzles which are surprisingly difficult considering the number of pieces, and the observation puzzles that are a game as much as they are a puzzle.

Djeco Arts and Crafts

One of the things that Djeco is most famous for is their amazing arts and crafts kits. Their Origami sets are perfect gifts for older children and we also love the new mosaics frames.

The colouring surprises also make a lovely little gift for any age (grown-ups included) and are perfect for a bit of time out. The pictures are all lovely and can be proudly displayed on the wall when they are done. We particularly like the Mandala set but they are all lovely.

Djeco Toys for Older Kids

Djeco Classic Games are a must for a bit of old school family fun. Choose ludo, chess, snakes and ladders or their awesome compendium of 20 classic games to get the family together. These are particularly good for rainy afternoons, family holidays and just days without screens.

Zig and Go is a fantastic new addition to the Djeco range that is perfect for older children and to be honest grown-ups as well. Zig and Go sets are all about exploring action and reaction in the most fun way possible. It’s a take on a marble run where that requires logic, problem-solving and lots of STEM. And the best thing is that all the sets can be used together so you can create some really amazing creations if you collect them all.

These are the kinds of toys you will keep to hand down to your grandchildren.


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