Djeco Toys for Toddlers

Djeco Toys

If you are looking for a toy brand that is a little bit special while still being affordable and practical Djeco might just be for you.

Every toy they make is designed by artists and illustrators as well as toymakers so they are simply stunning, designed to inspire creativity and a sense of wonder and we really think they do.

The range is vast and they cover all bases from classic toddlers toys such as stacking blocks for learning building, balancing and counting, and pull along toys that are so much prettier than the average. They then make a great range of puzzles and educational games for little ones (and bigger ones as well).

Progessive Puzzles

Progressive puzzles are great for toddlers, especially if they’ve not really done any puzzles before as they start simple and get more complex, allowing for children to be challenged at their own pace rather than getting frustrated that the puzzle is either too hard or too easy.

Educational Games Puzzles

The Djeco Educational Puzzles are simple puzzles that offer a bit more than just the hand-eye coordination and dexterity skills you get from doing puzzles. We love the emotions one where children get to match a scene with the corresponding emotion, as well as the numbers one where you match the number on one side with the correct number of animals on the other, and the habitat duo puzzles where you match the animal to its home.

Magnetic Games

Magnets are fun for all ages. Djeco has a great range of magnetic games that are suitable for toddlers including some really beautiful versions of the classic fishing game that is perfect for boosting hand-eye coordination as well as being lots of fun for little ones.

We also love the Carossimo, Adventuro, Bellissimo and Animo tins. These are great for getting creative, a fun way to discover magnets and the perfect travel game.

Finally we love the wooden dress-up magnets and kids do too.

Blocks and Stacking Toys

blocks and stacking toys are a classic for babies and toddlers and great for their development as well as keeping them entertained.

As with the rest of their range the Djeco stacking toys and blocks are beautifully designed and have so many lovely details. Plus they are really high quality.

Tea Sets and Play Food

Every child should have a tea set at some point. They are perfect for playing make-believe as well as practising lots of key skills.

Djeco tea sets are something a little bit special and would make a gorgeous gift for any toddler, and the perfect way for them to practise making you endless cups of tea.


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