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Beautiful Djeco Puzzles for Everyone

If you love puzzles you probably also love Djeco, and if you havenít discovered them yet you are in for a treat.

Djeco makes the most amazing range of puzzles from big chunky puzzles for toddlers right up to 1000 piece puzzles for older children and adults.

The Benefits of Puzzles

The benefits of puzzles are wide-ranging and of course, vary depending on the age of the puzzler.

For adults and teens puzzles improve memory by reinforcing connections in the brain, they improve problem-solving skills, they are great for boosting spatial awareness and visual-spatial reasoning skills, and theyíve even been known to improve IQ.

On top of that puzzles are a wonderful tool for mindfulness, they can decrease stress levels and boost mood and in older adults have been shown to delay the onset of dementia.

For toddlers and younger children they offer many of the same benefits of memory building, problem-solving, visual-spatial reasoning and improved concentration. They are a great way to calm down after a really active play session and they are wonderful for really connecting with your children and doing something together.

From a young age, puzzles are also perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Toddlers and Young Children

Djeco makes some really beautiful puzzles for young children including a great range of two and three-piece puzzles that also have an educational slant such as the emotions puzzle where children get a picture of a scenario and a face showing emotion so that they can match them up.

For the littlest puzzlers there are also some really lovely chunky peg puzzles that are perfect for little hands that are just starting to master hand-eye coordination and dexterity. And because they are made by Djeco they are beautiful and full of detail to keep them engaged.

They also make a great range of progressive puzzles that are ideal for little ones as they can start with the very simple puzzles of 2 or 4 pieces and work their way up to the more complex puzzles.

As children get better at puzzles the number of pieces can go up and the size of the pieces goes down to make the puzzle harder.

The trick is to choose a puzzle that is just hard enough to be challenging but not so hard that they canít do it, especially if they have yet to develop a love of puzzles and to always have a slightly harder one in reserve to keep the challenge and the love going.

Older Kids and Adults

Djeco then makes a fab range of puzzles that are perfect for all ages ranging from 16 to 1000 pieces, including some amazing puzzles that donít have corners or straight sides which adds a whole new dimension to completing a puzzle.

They make great birthday party gifts for everyone from preschoolers to pensioners and the range really does include something for everyone.

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