French toy and games company Djeco is one of the most popular brands we sell at Baba Me and it's easy to see why.

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Djeco Medieval castle 3D
£16.09  (1)
Djeco Cubanimo Blocks for infants
£27.85  (1)
Djeco Maxi Topanijungle
£25.69  (2)
Djeco Puzz'art Lion - 150pcs
Djeco The city Giants puzzles
£19.25  (1)
Djeco 10 My Friends Blocks
£14.95  (2)
Djeco Eraser Fedora
£1.99   £1.49
Djeco Horse Riding Observation Puzzle
£12.25  (1)
Djeco Hugo
£32.25   £24.19
Djeco Ze pirat island
£30.95   £23.21  (1)
Djeco 10 forest blocks
£14.95  (4)
Djeco 10 vehicles blocks
£14.95  (1)
Djeco 1000 Flowers Observation Puzzle
£12.25  (1)
Djeco Boa 350 pieces Puzz'Art
£13.95  (7)
Djeco Cotcotte
£25.95  (1)
Djeco Creaferme
Djeco Knights Observation Puzzle
£12.25  (1)
Djeco Lassa Lacing
Djeco Lili Rose's cooker
£68.99   £51.74  (1)
Djeco Little Red Riding Hood - 36 pcs
£11.79  (1)
Djeco Lola
£21.39   £16.04
Djeco Magic India Puzzle Gallery
£12.99  (1)
Djeco Role play - Charms Doudouchic
£27.85   £20.89
Djeco Role play - Sweets Charlotte&Tom
£21.39   £16.04
Djeco Tea time
Djeco 1,2,3,4 Bloop
Djeco abanachou Artychou
£34.35   £25.76
Djeco Cachempil
Djeco Carossimo Inzebox magnetic games
£19.25  (6)
Djeco casachou Artychou
£12.75   £9.56
Djeco Croc-nut
£12.75   £9.56
Djeco Filacolor Lacing Beads
Djeco Fishing Mermaid
Djeco Fishing shark
£16.09  (1)
Djeco Fox's Party Tea Set
Djeco In the forest
£9.19  (3)
Djeco Leos Cooker
£95.00   £71.25
Djeco Lili rose's tea party
£37.49  (6)
Djeco Magicam Magic
£51.39   £38.54
Djeco Role play - Sweets Dishes of princesses
£26.75   £20.06
Djeco Roulapic
£14.19  (1)
Djeco Sava'n'co
Djeco Smily
£25.95   £19.46  (1)
Djeco Smoothie blender
£30.99   £23.24
Djeco The rocket - 16pcs
£9.19  (2)
Djeco Twistanimo
Djeco Twistizz
£10.59  (1)
Djeco Vaillant and the dragon - 54pds
£11.79  (1)
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Page 1 of 3:    132 Items 

Safe & Fun Toys by Djeco

Founded by a mother in 1954 and now run by her son French company Djeco make the most beautiful, high quality, timeless toys, games, jigsaw puzzles, art and craft kits, and decorations. From baby toys to kites and umbrellas, kids and adults alike will be delighted by the bold colours and beautiful illustrations created by the Djeco team's artists and illustrators.

Designed by artists illustrators Djeco toys and games are beautiful by anyone's standards. Djeco makes a huge range of unique and stunning toys and games that are designed to inspire the imagination. The Djeco games range includes numerous wooden toys, stunning puzzles for all ages, a magnificent selection of games and of course the hugely popular Djeco Arty Figures. Think pirates, princesses and superheroes with a funky twist.

From baby toys to arts and craft kits every Djeco item is high quality with exceptional attention to detail. These are toys for you and your children to fall in love with. From one year olds to 99 year olds, Djeco is the perfect presents for everyone.

Djeco Pop to Play

We stock a huge range of Djeco puzzles and games here at Baba me including the sturdy cardboard pop to play range, the ever popular arty toys, gorgeous kitchen toys perfect for role play and loads of great educational games. Complete freedom of imagination and creativity are important to Djeco, these Djeco toys wooden and otherwise, have been designed to awaken your child's sense of wonder, enrich their imagination and start them on a journey of discovery through play.

Djeco Puzzles

Djeco is an amazing French toy brand which specialises in quality wooden toys, wooden puzzles, family games, art and craft sets, and educational games. They focus on art first, using artists and illustrators to design their beautiful educational toys and games and jigsaw puzzles which tell beautiful stories. The result is stunning high-quality games and art and craft kits. Their kids' jigsaw puzzles are works of art, and the quality of the pieces makes them perfect for younger children to play with.

Djeco Musical Instruments

From musical instruments to jumbo puzzles, children of all ages will love to play with Djeco. Some of the favourites here are Djeco Topanifarm (colourful stacking blocks) and the amazing range of Djeco Arty toys collection. From Djeco fairies to pirates and superheroes the Djeco Arty Toy range has something for everyone and will fire your children's imagination, all at a very reasonable price.

Djeco Art

What Djeco are most known for is their art kits and their craft sets. From the simple play dough for younger children to much more complex kits and stamps for older children, Djeco do it all, beautifully.


Buy Djeco today because Djeco ROCKS! Remember you can create a wishlist for Christmas, and put all your favorite Djeco toys on it!

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