Djeco Toys

Djeco are colourful, fun and educational toys. They will keep your child entertained for hours! Whether you want to buy board games or jigsaw puzzles, Djeco have something for everyone. Djeco toys also have an amazing range of art supplies that make the perfect gift!

Looking for a great toy?

Djeco toys are perfect for your little one! The Djeco toys collection includes card games and puzzles, wooden toys and craft activities, our range of Djeco toys in store is sure to delight you. Djeco toys, a French company, use some of the most talented artists from around the world in their designs. Your little one will discover so many arts & crafts which inspire them to create their own masterpieces. Their educational toys help to learn to sort and count.

We guarantee that your child will love playing with their new toy from Djeco! Search their full range to find the best Djeco toys for your child, no matter what age they are, our stock includes all their puzzles, games and arts & crafts for drawing or to decorate the toy room, no matter what your theme they have created something to match! Their products are known for specialising in amazingly beautiful designs, a little extroadinary and out of the normal hum drum of children's design.

Designed by artists illustrators the Djeco brand produces games that are beautiful by anyone's standards. Djeco makes a huge range of unique and stunning toys and games that are designed to inspire the imagination. The Djeco toy collections include numerous traditional toys, stunning puzzles for all ages, a magnificent selection of games and arts crafts of course the hugely popular Djeco jigsaws, perfect for a wet Sunday afternoon play for parents and children alike! We offer Free UK delivery on all orders over £40 so shop now for whatever Djeco you are in the market for!

The majority of Djeco Toys are made in China with some being made in Europe but this says nothing about the quality of the toys or the intricacy of their design.

How Djeco Toys are Designed

The entire Djeco range is designed in house by their huge team of artists and designers, based in Paris, France.

Djeco has a large team of designers dedicated to keeping their hands covered in paint and their heads in the clouds as they dream up more and more beautiful toys. The focus is on freeing the imagination and combining this joy and creativity with the practicality of making toys that are easy to play with.

The beauty of the design hopefully also allows children to dream a little bigger and a little wider, inspiring them to delve into their own creativity and imagination.

At the design stage safety is also of utmost importance along with thinking in detail about how children will play with the toys, the instructions they will need, and little extra details such as educational booklets that enhance their products. But the commitment to safety and quality is only just beginning at this stage.

Djeco Toy Production

As a company Djeco carefully selects their suppliers focussing on many factors including internal organisation, safety testing, the skill of the staff and the quality they produce. Once suppliers are chosen pre-production can begin.

Pre-production samples are then tested in French Laboratories to ensure they conform to European Safety standards.

Once laboratory tests have been passed the toys then get taken back to HQ where the Djeco quality team carry out numerous rigorous checks and compile a detailed quality checklist to be used throughout the production process by inspectors.

During production inspectors visit the factories, list in hand, to check that all points are being met. A detailed report is then produced and any concerns and analysis are completed prior to shipping.

Once production is completed samples are selected from each run to be sent away for laboratory testing to confirm quality and safety standards have been met before shipping.

What are Djeco Toys Made of?

Djeco toys are made from a variety of materials including card and plastic. The puzzles and stacking blocks, for example, are made of a high-quality board that is really durable.

However we have made the decision not to stock certain lines due to the high amounts of plastic in their packaging. Feeling that this doesn’t align with the values we and our customers are aiming to uphold..


Beautiful Djeco Puzzles for Everyone

If you love puzzles you probably also love Djeco, and if you haven’t discovered them yet you are in for a treat.

Djeco makes the most amazing range of puzzles from big chunky puzzles for toddlers right up to 1000 piece puzzles for older children and adults.

The Benefits of Puzzles

The benefits of puzzles are wide-ranging and of course, vary depending on the age of the puzzler.

For adults and teens puzzles improve memory by reinforcing connections in the brain, they improve problem-solving skills, they are great for boosting spatial awareness and visual-spatial reasoning skills, and they’ve even been known to improve IQ.

On top of that puzzles are a wonderful tool for mindfulness, they can decrease stress levels and boost mood and in older adults have been shown to delay the onset of dementia.

For toddlers and younger children they offer many of the same benefits of memory building, problem-solving, visual-spatial reasoning and improved concentration. They are a great way to calm down after a really active play session and they are wonderful for really connecting with your children and doing something together.

From a young age, puzzles are also perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Toddlers and Young Children

Djeco makes some really beautiful puzzles for young children including a great range of two and three-piece puzzles that also have an educational slant such as the emotions puzzle where children get a picture of a scenario and a face showing emotion so that they can match them up.

For the littlest puzzlers there are also some really lovely chunky peg puzzles that are perfect for little hands that are just starting to master hand-eye coordination and dexterity. And because they are made by Djeco they are beautiful and full of detail to keep them engaged.

They also make a great range of progressive puzzles that are ideal for little ones as they can start with the very simple puzzles of 2 or 4 pieces and work their way up to the more complex puzzles.

As children get better at puzzles the number of pieces can go up and the size of the pieces goes down to make the puzzle harder.

The trick is to choose a puzzle that is just hard enough to be challenging but not so hard that they can’t do it, especially if they have yet to develop a love of puzzles and to always have a slightly harder one in reserve to keep the challenge and the love going.

Older Kids and Adults

Djeco then makes a fab range of puzzles that are perfect for all ages ranging from 16 to 1000 pieces, including some amazing puzzles that don’t have corners or straight sides which adds a whole new dimension to completing a puzzle.

They make great birthday party gifts for everyone from preschoolers to pensioners and the range really does include something for everyone.

Djeco Crafts, Toys and Puzzles for Older Children

It can be hard sometimes to find toys for older children that still appeal to our ideals, and actually encourage them to be creative and engaged away from a screen. Djeco has some amazingly creative and imaginative offerings that will hopefully inspire older children to keep engaging their imaginations, have fun and learn through play.

Djeco Puzzles

Djeco has a great range of puzzles that go from 2 pieces to 1000 pieces, meaning there is an option for everyone. Puzzles are great for engaging the parts of the brain that are used in problem solving, memory and visual-spatial reasoning. These skills we need and continue to hone our entire lives, so they are perfect for people of all ages.

Puzzles are also great for mindfulness, they’re a great way to take a bit of time out, focus the mind, and engage the brain in a different way. Some surprising benefits also include increased productivity and better attention to detail.

The best thing about Djeco’s puzzles is how beautiful the images are. Depending on the age of your child you can choose puzzles with more or fewer pieces to stretch them just the right amount. We really love the shaped puzzles which are surprisingly difficult considering the number of pieces, and the observation puzzles that are a game as much as they are a puzzle.

Djeco Arts and Crafts

One of the things that Djeco is most famous for is their amazing arts and crafts kits. Their Origami sets are perfect gifts for older children and we also love the new mosaics frames.

The colouring surprises also make a lovely little gift for any age (grown-ups included) and are perfect for a bit of time out. The pictures are all lovely and can be proudly displayed on the wall when they are done. We particularly like the Mandala set but they are all lovely.

Djeco Toys for Older Kids

Djeco Classic Games are a must for a bit of old school family fun. Choose ludo, chess, snakes and ladders or their awesome compendium of 20 classic games to get the family together. These are particularly good for rainy afternoons, family holidays and just days without screens.

Zig and Go is a fantastic new addition to the Djeco range that is perfect for older children and to be honest grown-ups as well. Zig and Go sets are all about exploring action and reaction in the most fun way possible. It’s a take on a marble run where that requires logic, problem-solving and lots of STEM. And the best thing is that all the sets can be used together so you can create some really amazing creations if you collect them all.

These are the kinds of toys you will keep to hand down to your grandchildren.


Why are Djeco toys good?

Djeco Toys are quite simply stunning. Djeco is a French toy brand who make a huge range of really high quality and undeniably beautiful toys.

The style of their toys really makes them stand out from the crowd but they don’t put beauty ahead of either function or safety. Every toy, art set, puzzle and decorative item in their range is exquisitely designed and rigorously tested for safety and quality.

The Djeco Story

Founded in 1954 Djeco was then and remains today a family company, handed down from mother to son. Véronique Michel-Dalès founded her small toy company at a time when few women were embarking on such adventures and started with a range of educational games that were intelligent and fun at the same time.

The company took a break as son Frédéric grew up until in 1989 he decided to restart the company bringing with him considerable artistic talent and a dream to create beautiful toys that did not yet exist in France or elsewhere.

They now have a whole team of artists and illustrators that work closely alongside toy designers to create unique toys, puzzles, games and craft kits that inspire artistry, creativity and imagination through play.

Toys That Stand Out

Whether you are looking for baby toys or puzzles and crafts for older children Djeco toys stand out for the beauty of their design and the incredible attention to detail. They take the mundane and make it fabulous and funky in a way that instantly appeals to both children and their parents.

Never have a set of stacking blocks been so appealing. With sets that include animals and their houses or numbers for counting they are guaranteed to inspire so much more than just building a tower.

If you are looking for a puzzle, a pull-along animal, a magnetic fishing game or any number of other classic toys and games we highly recommend you check out Djeco first. The take these classic toys and give them an artistic and often whimsical twist that makes them feel really special. And of course, the high quality and funky designs make their toys the perfect gifts for children of all ages.

If you are looking for a gift for older children we highly recommend their beautiful puzzles, art sets or the new Zig and Go sets. These action and reaction construction games offer the quality and design you would expect from Djeco. They introduce children to the concept of connected movement and are the perfect STEM activity to keep them entertained away from their screens.

Djeco Quality and Safety

And it’s not just the beauty of the toys that make Djeco stand out, it’s their commitment to quality and safety as well.

These are toys that are made to be played with and made to last. And it’s the little things that you notice, the fact that the puzzle pieces are the perfect size for little hands and fit beautifully together in the most satisfying way.


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