Do You Need a Toy Till?

Should you buy your child a toy till?

We love toys, and in a perfect world, everyone would have a playroom dedicated to all the amazing toys that are on offer. There are certain toys that every child should have, a set of building blocks for example, and others that are wonderful but not essential, so which side does the toy till fall?

Why you should have a toy till in your collection

There are lots of benefits of providing toys that allow your children to engage in imaginative role-play and a toy kitchen, tea set, toy food and even a pretend shop and till are perfect for this. Adding accessories such as a till to your role play collection massively increases the number of scenarios that children can come up with.

If you have a kitchen and a till you can set up a restaurant. If you have a tea set and a till you can have a cafe. And your children can set up shop selling whatever they like, ice cream, pictures they’ve made, toys, groceries or anything else they like.

Playing with a till gives the opportunity for children to start thinking and learning about money, and of course, you can start introducing simple addition and subtraction from quite a young age.

You could also use a toy till in other ways as your children get a bit older. You could set up a tuck shop at home at the weekends or even just after school for children to choose their snacks. Or get them to save play money they get for helping out and exchange it for treats or extra time doing the things they enjoy.

Great alternatives to buying a toy till

However if it seems like a big expense there are lots of ways you can make a till for your child. You can collect small change for your children to play with, and print out paper money. Most of us will have a calculator somewhere which is great for older children but little ones love them just as much.

You could have a fun afternoon making a really great toy till different sized cereal boxes slide in and out of each other perfectly. Or you can use a Tupperware box, just like you would at a car boot sale or the school fete.

And of course you don’t have to use money or even pretend money, instead you could come up with a completely different system of exchange. Hand over buttons or beads or try out the idea of giving something else in return for the goods they are selling. You might be surprised with how creative they can get.


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