Do You Need to Use a Nappy Rash Cream at Every Nappy Change?


You must choose the best product and remember to not overuse it to get the best out of your nappy rash treatment cream. They are very expensive and some of them could cause further skin irritation. You can prevent your baby from developing a nappy rash by simply keeping his bum dry and change his nappies right away once it gets soiled or wet. However, there will be instances where you would need nappy rash creams like when your baby is suffering from diarrhea. Most rash creams are safe to use and they are widely used worldly and have been proven effective against nappy rash.

Do you really need to apply nappy rash cream every time you change your baby’s nappy?

It actually depends on you and what your doctor prescribed. A baby’s skin is delicate and it can easily get sore. Diaper rash cream is the one thing that is used for a quick relief from the painful sores of diaper rash. Some parents would apply diaper rash cream every time their babies make a mess in their nappies. This is okay but only if the rash cream applied is thin. Most mums do this because some nappies might be too harsh to their baby’s skin and they want to add a protective barrier between the skin and the nappy. But, there are occasions when you don’t apply the cream with every diaper change. It all depends on if you notice any rashes on your baby’s bum.

Nappy rash is the bane of many parents' existence. It can come out of nowhere. Many diaper rashes are just irritated skin, so catch it before it gets bad by treating it early. Do a deep clean and use a barrier ointment like a nappy rash cream to soothe and soften the affected area. Change wet nappies often, and pat them dry instead of rubbing.

No matter how you use diaper rash cream, you can always go with your gut and use it every time if it allows you to feel less guilty about not changing your child as often as you’d like. But you should be changing your baby’s nappies as soon as they get soiled or wet. After all, this is the leading cause of nappy rash. It may seem excessive to some mothers who are used to changing their babies less often. On the other hand, it may be a relief to know that with regular application, diaper rash cream can help other areas of your baby’s skin.

In conclusion, nappy rash creams are safe to use but with the right amount and proper application. It is always highly recommended to talk and consult your doctor about how often you should apply a nappy rash cream, what you should buy and when you should apply it.


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