Do You Need to Use Facial Oils and Serums?

Face Oils & Serums - Do you need to use them

Facial Oils and Serums

Supercharge your skin care routine by adding a face oil or serum. Serums can benefit all skin types, even an oily skin can reap the rewards of a natural face oil.

Natural Serums and Face Oils

Do you feel the need for something extra in your skin care routine?

Are you feeling that your moisturiser isn 't giving the best hydration and it could do with a boost?

During summer and winter months, skin can react to extremes in temperature. In winter, coming in from a cold and biting wind to a centrally heated house can cause dry skin and sensitivity. In summer, UV radiation and free radicals attack your skin and can wreak havoc on all skin types.

Read more to find out how we can help you to re-balance and supercharge your skin care.

Super Charge your skincare with Natural Serums and Oils

Essential oils can make a dramatic difference in skin tone, they feed your skin and nourish it. If you aren 't already using an oil cleansing method, then you should consider making the switch. Oil cleansing can re-balance problematic skin by regulating the sebaceous glands.

There are many nourishing face oils and all you need to do is select the one for your particular skin type.

Dry skin needs moisture and you cannot get better than argan oil. Argan oil is also known as Moroccan gold. It holds many times its own weight in water. It plumps fine lines by boosting the water content in the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles appear less visible and skin looks radiant.

Skin oils and serums are designed to be put onto clean naked skin. The active natural ingredients will be absorbed into a deeper level than your moisturiser. A serum will penetrate further than an oil due to the size of molecules. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful ingredient in a serum. It travels to the lower levels of the dermis and the sodium hyaluronate will swell with moisture giving a deep moisture boost where it's needed most. It's often in skin recovery that concentrates due to its beneficial qualities.

Once you 've put the oil or serum onto your skin, follow with your natural moisturiser to lock all of those active ingredients in. Facial oils are powerful and you only need the tiniest amount to deliver a great result. Warm three drops of oil on your fingertips and pat it into the areas where you need the help. You shouldn 't have any residue on your skin as the oil will quickly absorb into your face and neck.

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