Doctor Play Set

Shop our doctor sets collection and encourage your little kids to engage in fun and exciting make believe play sessions with their friends. A doctor kit will contain all the basic tools your child will need to play doctor!

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Role Play Bundle
Doctors Role Play Set
Doctor's Set in a Bag
Plan Toys Surgeon Set
Tender Leaf Toys Doctors and Nurses Set Doctor Play Set
Wooden Doctors Set
Childrens Doctor Kit
Plan Toys Dentist Set
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Doctor Set Toy
Green Toys Doctor's Kit

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Doctor Kits for Kids Playsets

Our doctor sets are ideal for wholesome role play activities for the entire family who want to play doctor. Your little one can throw on their white gown and engage in fun and imaginative pretend play as doctors with this role play kit. They can role play and treat the ailments of their teddies, attend to their doll's injuries or simple toy health checkup. Hear your doll's heartbeat with a toy stethoscope or make taking a shot enjoyable with our play syringe. Children love role play toys and these gender neutral toys are ideal for all children to play medic! A wooden doctors toy is just endless joy and pretend play for doctors role play!

Not Just Doctor Sets!

We also have play sets for wooden dentist and vets set as well all with matching accessories and details if your child is interested in those roles. You can't go wrong with a role play set! A dollhouse doll set can make the perfect set of patients, or just use your dolls if no willing volunteers for your doctor tools kit play set.

Doctors medical kits usually come in a carry bag or a wooden case. The doctors bags contain all the doctors tools but can also be used for nurse toys. The doctors medical kit will clear all ailments! A toy medical kit will include the necessary thermometer and bandage and all the medical set kit supplies! These are designed for smaller children to be able to hold and play with easily without any problem. 

Doctors nurses medical role play benefits

A childrens medical play set can also be very helpful if children are going through medical procedures of if family members or parents are receiving hospital treatment. Allowing a child to role play out their emotions through medical play with doctor toy sets can really help them deal with stuff they may not understand in a safe environment. This helps improve their imagination and language communication skills and even to sort through their feelings. 

All doctors set for kids are eco-friendly, safe for kids and conform to European and international safety standards. Note there are small parts so be careful with little ones as they may not be suitable for younger ages. Note we no longer stock any le toy van products due to quality concerns but have the best quality wooden toy brands including Bigjigs, Tenderleaf, Plan Toys and Djeco.