Doctor Play Set


With our collection of doctor play set, now there is a doctor in the house.

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Role Play Bundle
£110.81   £96.40
Little MD play set
£80.00   £69.00
Indigo Jamm Little Doctors Set
£34.00   £28.90
Plan Toys Dentist Set
£28.95   £24.61
Big Jigs Doctor's Kit
£22.96   £19.52
£17.99   £15.29

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Doctor's Playset for Kids

These set of toys are ideal for wholesome fun for the entire family. Your little one can throw on their white gown and engage in fun and imaginative pretend play as doctors. They can treat the ailments of their toys; heal their teddies, attend to their doll's injuries or simple toy health checkup. Hear your doll's heartbeat with a toy stethoscope or make taking a shot enjoyable with our play syringe.

All toys are eco-friendly,safe for kids and conform to European and international safety standards.